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Christopher Benitez May 16 - 03:05AM

Hello, guys!

I'm working on a #roundup post which will be published on And I want YOU to participate!

Here's the Roundup title - "x Experts Share their Secrets on How to Effectively Promote Your Blog Posts."

The 'x' will represent the number of the respondents. The more people who send in their answers, the bigger the roundup post will be!

The question you'll be answering is this:

What's your go-to tactic or strategy in driving lots of traffic to your blog post?

I would highly appreciate it if you could do the following with your answers:

1. A "short" answer of 100 characters max that will be used as a tweetable quote within the post (This is optional, but it would help to get your name out on Twitter)
2. A "long" answer of 2-4 sentences that explain your tactic or strategy.
3. Provide URLs to your Blog/Site, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest so that I can link to them below your answer.

UPDATE: Thanks for sending over your answers. The post with your answers has now been published. Click on the link below to view the post and don't forget to share. Thanks in advance!

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