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Praveen Verma Dec 08 - 12:21pm Statistics

Hello Friends,
Am working on another roundup with the 15th of December deadline on it,

Here's the roundup question - "Let us know about your social media content calendar."

The title of the roundup is - "101 Experts Shares their Social Content Calendar"

Feel free to let us know about your multiple social channels and how you have managed them and what content you share on them.

Please do send us a short answer - "Tweetable" in less than 100 Characters and a longer answer with more details.

Add your entry below by clicking the reply button, alternatively you can email us the answer -

Send us your profile photo or we can take it from twitter,

The Deadline for the roundup is 15th of December. The roundup will be published here -

- Praveen

Praveen Verma Nov 09 - 11:13am Statistics

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