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Uttoran Sen Jan 10 - 08:42am Statistics

How to Choose an #EstateAgent: 10 Tips for Finding the Right One (2022) - https://gcrew.co/f4eu65 Via. @Memoremoney @UttoranSen @GuestCrew #GuestCrew

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Uttoran Sen Jan 17 - 03:20pm Statistics

#VitalikButerin Asks Twitter Which Crypto to Overtake Ethereum -  https://gcrew.co/60khv0 Via. @BTCTN @VitalikButerin @guestcrew @UttoranSen #GuestCrew

Uttoran Sen Jan 13 - 08:00am Statistics

Goldman Sachs Predicts #Bitcoin Could Reach $100K - https://gcrew.co/7j7wmk Via. @BTCTN @GoldmanSachs @GuestCrew @uttoransen

Most countries have a gold reserve. But as we are moving into the future, slowly gold is being replaced by BitCoin as a store of value. The countries with intelligent governments, who can see the future - are already moving into the crypto space, thus collecting tax and making sure that they have enough crypto assets as store of value.

This calls for the need of a BitCoin Reserve - every country must have one because the days of keeping gold reserve is losing its value. You might have enough gold but when the time comes, and the crisis demands - your gold will be useless and the asset which will be asked from you might be - BitCoin.

Uttoran Sen Jan 13 - 07:42am Statistics

Swiss Bank Seba Predicts #Bitcoin Could Hit $75K in 2022 - https://gcrew.co/hsy2v6 Via. @BTCTN @guido_buehler @kevinhelms01 @GuestCrew @UttoranSen

Uttoran Sen Jan 12 - 02:40pm Statistics

Iran to Permit Use of #Cryptocurrencies in International Settlements - https://gcrew.co/g071b0 Via. @BTCTN @LubomirTassev @GuestCrew @UttoranSen #GuestCrew

Uttoran Sen Jan 12 - 02:19pm Statistics

Crypto payment platform @CoinGatecom integrates @Shibtoken #SHIB - https://gcrew.co/0w3zwm Via. @crypto_ninjas @GuestCrew @UttoranSen #GuestCrew

Uttoran Sen Jan 12 - 09:00am Statistics

There was a time in Independent India's History, India had - https://gcrew.co/v4b71e mortgaged its gold to save the day. We had little Gold back then, now our gold numbers have grown since.

But that matters not! As the future of Currency in BitCoin and Not Gold.

Tomorrow when you set out to get some loan or mortgage - other countries might ask for your BitCoin reserves and not Gold reserves.


Let it trend - let people in the power know that if you run from the future - you will only mislead your people and your country. Banning or restricting BitCoin or Crypto will only make your country and your people poor.

Let's not make way for a financially poor India. Our politicians CryptoChallenged mentality might make us poor and economically weak in the future. Stand up for BitCoin.

Uttoran Sen Jan 11 - 04:56pm Statistics

Marathon Digital Holdings Makes Order for $900 Million of New Bitcoin Miners - https://gcrew.co/1ctl84 Via. @btc @GuestCrew @UttoranSen #GuestCrew

Uttoran Sen Jan 11 - 04:02pm Statistics

Is The #Bitcoin Hashrate Recovering From Kazakhstan’s Crisis? Fear Abides - https://gcrew.co/85j93z Via. @newsbtc @UttoranSen @GuestCrew #GuestCrew

Uttoran Sen Jan 11 - 03:41pm Statistics

US Claims #Bitcoin Mining Crown Following China Crackdown - https://gcrew.co/sfbxdw Via. @coindesk @JamieCrawleyCD @GuestCrew @UttoranSen #GuestCrew

Uttoran Sen Jan 10 - 03:55pm Statistics

Security 101- How to Minimize Risk at Business #Events? - https://gcrew.co/dbz837 Via. @MyStartupLand @GuestCrew @UttoranSen #GuestCrew