Special terms

By registering on Guest Crew at guestcrew.com, you agree to the following terms and conditions. These terms and conditions may change at any time, and it is the responsibility of you, the user, to review the terms periodically to stay in good standing.

  • By joining Guest Crew you are agreeing to be part of a social media platform where you can collaborate with advertisers and website owners to build networks and campaigns.
  • Spam, hate speech, violence, threats, malware are unacceptable at all times and will not be tolerated. Offenses may result in a ban from Guest Crew.
  • Guest Crew and its employees take no responsibility for damages resulting from campaigns, posts or other media produced by users of the website.
  • Requirements and rules of the Guest Crew website and platform must be followed at all times to ensure a productive environment for all users.
  • Campaigns created through the Guest Crew platform and networks are the sole responsibility of the advertisers. Guest Crew is not responsible for the creation of these platforms and cannot be held responsible for the messages, opinions or media associated with or contained in these campaigns.
  • Money spent on GuestCrew including buying credits, purchasing advertising packages or other campaign related expenses are the sole responsibility of the buyer. Refunds will not be made by Guest Crew for purchases made in error or in poor judgement by the buyer.
  • All credits purchased on Guest Crew are non-refundable. By purchasing credits on Guest Crew you agree to this condition.
  • Guest Crew reserves the right to use Guest Crew user content and campaigns for advertising and promotional purposes.
  • Guest Crew credits may be withdrawn into a PayPal account. All payments made by Guest Crew are made through PayPal. Payments may be delayed or stopped without advance notice.
  • By becoming a member of Guest Crew and transacting a campaign agreement through this platform, all advertisers agree to perform the agreed-upon transactions to the best of their abilities. If it is found that an advertiser is not completing the agreed upon work, funds will be absorbed by Guest Crew. Lack of ethical performance may also result in a Guest Crew ban.
  • Features of Guest Crew including paid and free services may change at any time. It is the responsibility of the Guest Crew member to monitor these services with or without notice.
  • All campaign materials must be agreed upon by both parties in a given transaction. Material or media may not be used in a campaign without prior approval by the buyer. Be sure to keep a written transaction of approved content to ensure confidence by both parties and the Guest Crew platform.
  • Guest Crew allows users to donate credits to others. It is important to note, however, that once donated, credits will not be refunded to the original party.
  • Guest Crew users take sole responsibility for ensuring the quality of the transactions through this platform. It is the user’s responsibility to vet the other members of the transaction through records available both on and off this platform including warnings and reputation.
  • Guest Crew employees and administrators will not settle disputes between members that are unrelated to the functionality of the Guest Crew platform.
  • Guest Crew accounts will not be deleted once created. Accounts will remain open for the duration of the Guest Crew platform.
  • All transactions stemming from relationships and networking through the GuestCrew platform must be completed through the Guest Crew system. Transactions started through Guest Crew but completed outside of the system are in violation of these terms and conditions and may be subject to legal action.
  • All transaction details through Guest Crew are done in confidence and considered confidential. Details of Guest Crew and transactions through the platform are not to be disclosed to third parties.
  • Websites disclosed to Pro Advertisers are the sole property of Guest Crew which holds copyright protection to those sites. These sites may not be disclosed to third parties. This protection applies to any website or network offered to or by advertisers. Revealing confidential details about Guest Crew may result in legal action.

The Guest Crew platform is designed to build networks between website owners and content and media specialists. By adhering to the terms of service above, all members of Guest Crew should enjoy confidence in the Guest Crew platform and the services provided.