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There are lots of small profitable list of business ideas, and what defines “best” business idea in India largely depends on you. Are you an aspiring entrepreneur with a knack for people skills and negotiation? Want to make most of the opportunity? #entrepreneur #business

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Scalability is yet another factor that an investor searches for when asking a decision to invest. A scalable business depends upon the market size of the product/business. Only a high growth and scalable business are able to give the 10 times the return on investment.

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This is a question asked from time immemorial—are entrepreneurs born or made? Do they fall into a category, born with a special talent, drive and the desire, nay, the need to succeed that most of us lack? Or can they be created, entrepreneurial skills learned, and the desire to succeed acquired through a strict regimen of education, experience, mentorship, and learning? Let us dive in and take a closer look.
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how to keep your motivation while going it alone as an #entrepreneur - - Via. @due @smallbiztrends @PraveenTemok @Temok_1

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Introvert #Entrepreneur - Network With 20,000 People and Did Great - Via. @sherisaid @uttoransen @AnhTNguyen @Entrepreneur @collisionHQ

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Pushing the Envelope: Why You Need to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone as an #Entrepreneur 

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