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How Can #CRM Systems Contribute To The Growth Of Small And Midsize #Businesses?

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Even if your business fails, it is no reason to give up being an entrepreneur. Take some time off, get your finances in order, analyze what went wrong, then sit down with your best thinking hat and come up with a new business plan

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15 Social Media Facts for Small #Businesses to know - - Via. @OnlineRockerHub @nirmal_kumar_a @PraveenTemok @Temok_1

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Profitable Online #Businesses You Can Start In 6 Weeks - - Via. @EmenikeNg @PraveenTemok @Temok_1

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MakiPlace Helps Designers and Developers Sell their Products to Small #Businesses - - Via. @smallbiztrends @PraveenTemok @Temok_1