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Creative #Keyword Research- How to Find New and Exciting #Topics to Write About (Easily) - Via. @Lisapatb @amarwhatsteroids #inspiretothrive

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BEST #KEYWORD RESEARCH TOOL FOR #1 RANKING IN 2018 - - Via. @prosper_noah @PraveenTemok @Temok_1

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Powerful #Keyword Research: the Key to Attracting More #Traffic - - Via. @GrowMap @PraveenTemok @Temok_1

Amar Kumar Apr 06 - 01:34am Statistics

So what’s your mobile #keyword strategy?

Oh - you don’t have one?

Don’t beat yourself up too badly. It turns out very few of us have given a great deal of thought to mobile keywords and the best ways to do the research we should be doing.

Roughly half of all internet traffic is from #mobile devices and mobile sites and that is expected to grow.

Are you doing what you need to grow with it? Via. @neilpatel