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We are hosting yet another roundup, if you want to participate in it then add your entry in the reply below. Make sure to add your blog's link and the links to your social profiles.

Feel free to share this roundup request with your friends and connections so that more people can participate in it:

#Roundup on the topic - "Your Favorite Email Marketing Tools"

Let us know your favorite Email Marketing tools. You can cover tools that catch leads, sends emails, auto-responders, auto-replies from website actions ... pretty much anything related to emails are welcome. Send me a 100 character or less - "Tweetable" and a longer answer (few paragraphs in length) explaining further.

Please do attach your profile image which will be posted next to your answer, or I can take it from your Twitter.

The roundup will be published on

The deadline for the answer is - 31st of August.

Hit the Reply button below and add your entry, or feel free to send an email with your reply: [email protected] and will add your entry to the roundup,

Looking forward to your entry,

thanks - Rekha via @rekhabarla01 @guestcrew