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The telecommunications industry is more important now than ever.



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Flat Lay Photography of Red Anti-radiation Handset Telephone Beside IphoneThere is no doubt that the way we live, work, and connect has dramatically changed because of the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has exhibited the importance of telecommunications in maintaining the activities of governments, businesses, and societies. Due to the social and economic breakdown, people around the earth are relying on technology for their professions, getting and sending information as well as keeping social distancing.

The Background of the Telecommunications Sector 

The telecommunications industry is made of digital infrastructure (that includes telecommunications towers, fiber, data centers, and active networks), operators (including data centers, mobile, and fixed broadband and cloud computing), and applications (such as telephony, broadband connections, e-commerce, and video). 

Telecommunications sector is continuing with their mission-critical approach for keeping economies going under the lockdown through different ways: 

  • Offering resiliency and business-critical connectivity

  • Facilitate arranging work-from-home setup

  • Keeping societies and individuals informed and connected along with the access to financial, medical, commercial and other important services during this mandated social detachment

Impacts of COVID-19

The Telecom sector is doing quite well in comparison with other infrastructure sectors due to a wave in the traffic of voice and data. The industry is exempted from the major restrictions related to COVID-19 like stay-at-home and quarantine initiatives because it is considered as an emergency and one of the most important services.

Some telecom service providers are strengthened by the short-term raise in data traffic as well as more use of broadband services because so many people are considering work-from-home, relying on video conferencing to attend meetings. In fact, growth in traffic has displayed increased dependence on digital services and connectivity. 

The Latest Trends of Telecommunications

Telecom is a dynamic industry and sensorial towards the advancements of technology. Recently, the paradigm change to AI, 5G and to the internet of things (IoT) is well ongoing.  

The New Approach of 5G Network 

In the recent technologically flourished and interconnected civilization, both survival and success depend on adaptation to variations. The telecommunication industry has witnessed a growing market for high-speed connectivity and faster protocols for transferring data. 

Unlike 4G networks that are application-centric, the architecture of 5G networks is user-centric. Such architectural difference enables improvements in different aspects like communication strength, large-scale connections as well as data transmission rate. The connectivity cost of 5G is relatively low and low latency with improved user experience compared to 4G networks.

Significance of Artificial Intelligence  

Artificial intelligence or AI is intensively influencing telecommunications and touching on its different aspects extensively. The role of AI in telecom is quite significant, offering virtual assistants that are AI-based and chatbots, improving customer service and satisfaction. 

AI also plays a vital role in network optimization and maintaining these networks effectively. When it is about trust, artificial intelligence comes in handy, providing telecom service providers with useful tools for securing customer data. 

IoT or Internet of Things

It is one of the most important trends in telecommunications of 2020, extending from remote access capacity to data centers and base stations. It is a system, consisting of computing devices that are interrelated. IoT enables telecom services monitoring their base stations and data centers remotely, decreasing downtime for their networks. 

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