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How To Migrate Data From wordpress.com to Your Server

In the present technology everyone knows how important to have a website


How To Migrate Data From wordpress.com to…

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In the present business world and also in the present technology everyone knows how important to have a website. Because today if you look around you can see that every business are using the website for their business and also a website hosting services. And today having a website to your business will give more value and importance to your business. So at present, if you have a website for your business then you can easily get connected with the people around the world and not only that you can also showcase/display your business products and services to the people around you and all over the world. And with the help of a website, you can also create brand awareness of your business and you can also easily do marketing of your business products.

So currently if you have hosted your website in wordpress.com and now if your planning to move your website to your self-hosting. Then here at HostingRaja, we provide you better hosting service with amazing features where you can easily migrate your website data which you have created in wordpress.com. Moreover, if you are moving to your own domain name with hosting then it gives your website a better value and you also get more visitor to your website and help you to get more business if you are using that website for your business purpose. And today here at HostingRaja when you buy premium hosting service from us we provide you with Free Wordpress migration tool and help you up in building your website.


So below are the steps to follow to migrate your data from wordpress.com to your self-hosting:


>>> Login to your WordPress blogger account


>>> Go to Tools


>>> Click on Export



>>>  There will be 2 options Guided transfer which will cost you some money and there is a Free Export option.

>>> Click on Start Export



>>> Click on Download Export File


Once you click on download export file, The file will be downloaded in XML format. So now you need to transfer this downloaded file to your self-hosted website. So below are the steps to follow to upload your files.


>>> Login to your WordPress account


>>> Go to Tools


>>> Click on Import




>>>  Search for WordPress option and click on Run Importer



>>> Choose the XML file which you have downloaded


>>> Click on Upload file and import.


Once you click on this Upload file and import option all your data which you have uploaded in you WordPress blogger site will appear in your self hosting website.


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