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Imagine a restaurant finding service free of company bought reviews. Actually, imagine it with


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GO first came to be an idea when looking for a restaurant to go to in Santa Monica and having to put in search parameters telling the application I liked Italian and Mexican food. It was then that I thought, why shouldn’t this application be able to know that I like those types of foods since I go to those restaurants all the time.

GO will represent an evolutionary level of simplicity in design and hidden complexity, while operating at one of the highest levels of security and computational intuition. It will learn personally what each user likes, what their habits are, and who they are like. As the user evolves, so will GO.

One of the key features that makes GO stand out, is the singular fact that it is free of reviews, opinions and other fluff that can be bought and written by restaurants themselves. It is obvious that any review written on Yelp could have been written by the restaurant themselves and that is why we at GO have chosen to completely bypass that step. GO doesn’t care what others have to say about a restaurant, all it cares is what you have to say about it. Did you spend a long time there? Do you go back there frequently? Is that the sort of place you like to spend your Friday nights?

All of the questions above, GO takes into consideration before giving you results from places others like you have been. The simplicity behind this application is off the charts, but so is the efficiency rates and effects it could have on everyday people. 

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