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The Alcoholic Entrepreneur

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One thing I have learnt so far in my sobriety is that you need a plan, ever since i started this blog and named myself “The Alcoholic Entrepreneur” I have had a plan in mind and over the months of sobriety that plan has slowly started to solidify itself and take shape, I have set the wheels in motion on a few small projects and am now ready to take the next step and explain what my plan is and how I am going to go about it.

As you may have read in previous post’s not drinking free’s up a lot of your time and a lot of money, two very important things in life, I’m sure you all agree!

Additional time & money is fantastic and something no one in the world would take for granted or deny them selfs, so it is one of the greatest rewards for stopping drinking and I truly believe it is not spoken about enough.

I have decided to put this new found time and money to even more use, I am not just going to allow my lifestyle to absorb these new changes, it would be all to easy to eat up all this new time on general life things, and not really gaining anything from it, and the same goes for the money. I am looking at it the same way I look at getting a pay rise. Every financial post I have ever read in myself, says when you get a pay rise, don’t allow it to just increase your lifestyle, put it straight into savings and start investing those additional funds to help grow your wealth.

So that brings me to my plan, my addition to my already very real commitment to not drinking. So if you haven’t already put it together basically what I am going to start doing from the 1st of July 2015 is to keep a record of the average saving’s i make per week from not drinking, I averaged these savings to be $120 per week & roughly 30 hours per week.

For the sake of making sure I keep my beautiful supportive partner happy & to make sure I don’t just turn one addiction into another, I obviously cannot take this money and time and use it all for this project, however I can take a responsible and manageable amount of both and work with that.

So I have decided to commit $80 & 12 hours per week to this project, the $80 is firm and will not change however the 12 hours is a minimum and could change from week to week.

To keep a record and hold myself accountable I will be keeping and posting two monthly reports, one that will basically be a time sheet and show what I have been working on and for how long, and another showing the money saved, what the money has been spent on and eventually how much additional money is coming in.


Success built from failure,

The Alcoholic Entrepreneur

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Time is your minds currency, use it smartly and wisely and you live a happy life, use it sparingly & foolishly and you live a life of regret.

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