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Read to your Grandkids wherever you are

Read to your loved ones where ever you are. Record a video or audio book with page turns!


Read to your Grandkids wherever you are

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Started on: October 09, 2015
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Ten years ago Doug an Sherry Gleason embarked on a journey to make creating audio books for their Grandchildren easier than the clunky process they endured with boxed recording software. The first release was a boxed version itself but was later re-designed as a web based tool called Storycorder. Storycorder is an easy to use web tool that allows anyone to search for a book or add their own, import the cover image, record themselves reading with video or audio, insert page prompts, arrange pages, dedicate, and send books to a recipient. Book recorders have a library of books organized by recipients, and recipients have their own library organized by senders. This simple solution makes receving a recorded book special with customized page turn prompts, and an organized web interface to view and listen to recordings.

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Blogs that move Grand Parents into the realm of using technology (like Storycorder) to read to their Grand Kids even if their kids are across the country or globe. The articles are designed to be genuinely helpful and will occasionally mention / link back to Storycorder, a video and audio web based

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