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Launched in July 2015, EverAfter is the premiere Romance imprint for indie and hybrid Romance


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Launched in July 2015, EverAfter is the premiere Romance imprint for indie and hybrid Romance authors. With the expertise of a traditional publisher, and the dedication of a team that knows digital, EverAfter aims to give Romance authors a platform for finding new readers in the eBook world and well beyond.

As Romance lovers, we’re tired of the slim pickings on book shelves. A tiny section with a selection that just scratches the surface of the Romance world? We want shelves that are stacked with Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance, New Adult, and so much more. We’ve partnered with Ingram Publisher services to make that happen.  With our resources, indie authors benefit from broader distribution and better visibility to bookstores, enhanced metadata to create more robust product pages, the ability to see where their books are being sold, to ultimately help them reach more readers.

The EverAfter print program launched with more than one hundred titles from twelve authors, most of whom are New York Times and USA Today bestsellers, including Vi Keeland, Penelope Ward, CD Reiss, J. Kenner, Jen McLaughlin, Alessandra Torre, Sophie Jordan, Tessa Bailey, Valerie Twombly, Becca Jameson, Kennedy Layne, Kris Calvert, Eliza Gayle, and Sorcha Grace.

But we’re not done. What’s the fun in having so much more to read if there’s no one to share it with? We needed a hub. Hence, EverAfter Romance: The Blog was born. Our community features book reviews and author interviews, plus fantastic exclusive content such as book excerpts, cover reveals, and guest posts including author-created playlists. But we know you’re more than just Romance readers; you’re fans of all things Romance. So with that in mind, we’ve featured things like TV recaps; film and music reviews, video game and comic book reviews, and engaging posts about travel, food, and pop culture. Did we mention we were Romance lovers?

EverAfter Romance. Read what you love. Write what you love. Share what you love.

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