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Building A Sustainable Fashion Business

This is the book fashion entrepreneurs must read to find their clear voice #fashionpreneur


Building A Sustainable Fashion Business

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Started on: August 20, 2018
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Knowledge is what separate success and faliure. You are limited by the quality of information you have. Expand your world and you expand your ability. Don't waste time reinventing the wheel.

This campaign is about the spread of verified knowledge and the growth of independent fashion labels.

This campaign is about growth and developing a findbale voice in a noisy, noisy world.

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Kaeto SwithinNwuba

registered 3 years ago

This is the book I wish was handed to me before I started my fashion business. So I documented my mistakes, saw how I should have used my resources instead, so I turned it into a book. Consider this a one-stop-shop for starting a fashion business. Each chapter covers a major section that will have you thinking holistically. I have included actual templates for each section. Branding (This will keep you brand consistent and thinking holistically). Know your audience (This is help you know your customer and have you target the right person). Business Model (This will help you develop a sustainable business model). Marketing (A mistake is to start hard and drop momentum. This will help develop a solid long term plan). This book is for a male or female- -Apparel designers -Shoe brand owners -Accessories -Fashion consultants -Brand strategists


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