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Tweetdis - Wordpress Plugin for Tweetable Quotes - Free Giveaway Contest

Free Giveaway Contest - #Tweetdis WP plugin for Tweetable Quotes - 5 Free Copies - Get it Now!


Tweetdis - Wordpress Plugin for Tweetable…

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Started on: February 05, 2015
Closed on: February 26, 2015 (03:00 AM GMT 5.5).

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About this Campaign

Tweetdis - Wordpress Plugin for Tweetable Quotes - Free Giveaway Contest

Hello friends,
Welcome to yet another Contest by Guest Crew,

Recently we tested out a social sharing plugin that gave us over 999+ shares from social media.

Check it out for yourself:

43 Twitter Influencers to Follow in 2015

However, the plugin is paid and it costed us some $$

So, we contacted the plugin owner - Tim Soulo - and suggested that we can do a contest where we will give away a few copies of your plugin. And he agreed!

Check out the TweetDis Plugin here:

This is another of those Two Step contest.

Step 1: Register for free on GuestCrew and make an account. Then by using your Twitter of Facebook account - support this campaign. If you are supporting it via. Facebook, make sure to login to a facebook page you manage, as contests are not allowed on facebook's personal timeline.

Please Note: If you are not registered and logged in, you will be disqualified. So make sure to complete this step. Once logged-in Simply click on the Facebook or Twitter buttons available in this page - to support this campaign.

Please complete these steps before you proceed to rafflecopter.

Step 2: RaffleCopter.

Uttoran Sen,

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registered 7 years ago

Tim Soulo is a former professional DJ, who quit his career to study content marketing and principles of virality on Social Media. You can read his personal blog at BloggerJet.com


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