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Serviced Apartments in and around London

My name is Sam, I live and work in New York City. A few months ago my boss called me into his office and told me that I was to go to our London office and work there for some 3 to 4 months. As usual, the expense budget was on the meager side (I hate accountants) and London is not exactly the cheapest place to live.

Of course, it was left up to me to find an apartment or some kind of accommodation where I would be staying during my work residence in London. I very quickly realized, that inner city Hotels would not fit into my budget and the alternative was a bedsit. Having been to London before and stayed in such a bedsit, I was not thrilled at the prospect of having to share a bathroom with a number of strangers and live in a tiny room with questionable hygiene. In addition to that, the Earls Court area, where one can find an abundance of this kind of accommodation is not my favorite area of London and too far away from our company’s offices in the City.

While searching the Internet for apartments for rent in London, England I came across http://selectservicedaccommodation.com/ and when I realized that their Serviced Apartments were only a 22 Minute train ride away from the City of London, I was sold. Further research of their location showed that Reading was a nice place with lots to do on the weekends and most importantly, the West End of London only 22 minutes away. It took me far longer to commute from my apartment in New York’s White Plains to Grand Central Station and on to our offices on Broadway.

I proceeded and booked myself a Serviced Studio Apartment for a fraction of the cost a similar Serviced Apartment would have cost me In Central London and when I showed the rates to our company’s professional penny pincher, the accountant, it brought a smile even on his face.

A couple of weeks later I arrived at the doorstep of what was to be my home for the next 3+ months and it looked great. A clean, modern building with no Graffiti in sight and the Apartment was larger than I expected, airy and without any Bedsit feel. The bathroom with its modern shower was more than adequate as was the small kitchenette. Most importantly, all was really clean. I was equally appreciative of the high quality linens, towels and there were even Shampoo bottles, shower gels and soaps provided which I was told would be replaced as needed.

I was thrilled, I had found a Hotel quality stay in London for a fraction of the cost of an actual Hotel.

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