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Innovative effective online math classes/tutoring session Parent classes for homeschoolers


Problem Solved

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Started on: July 04, 2015
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I taught elementary schol for 18 years, 6 of those as a Mathematics Coordinator providing trainings to principals and teachers. Using years of classroom experience and research, I have honed my  techniques into  very effective instruction. I believe children should have the toold and opportunities to construct their own thinking and understandings. As children connect ideas and concepts , they begin to make sense of the math. Math becomes a story. The story of math! 

I began Problem Solved! Innovative Learning for the 2st Century, which a company that consults parents, teachers and children in the area of math. I now developed online classes for parents who desire to support their children with 21st Century math. The classes include all major concepts, effective games. I developed online sessions for children. The classes currently include 21st Century Addition/Subtraction, 21st Century Multiplication, 21Century Division and Fractions. The classes include breakout rooms where children can communicate and collaborate, number talks. Children can use the whiteboard to collaborate. The classroom is state-of-the -art, including crystal clear audio, video and many other exciting things that engage children.

You can access all this through my website, utilizing pay pal or other alternative methods. Each session includes 4 classes (1 Hour) , 4 times a month. 

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