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Method Exposed to Go Viral!

Venture Group Research Reveals Repeatable Method For Creating VIRAL Marketing Messages #viral


Method Exposed to Go Viral!

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About this Campaign

What would getting your message, product or brand to go viral mean to you? 
The answer of course is unparalleled exposure creating huge opportunities for success.

At Thrive Venture Group we decided that the potential benefits of being able to map a repeatable process for going viral was worth significant investment in time and resources.

We took to the challenge by carefully studying instances of viral marketing and after significant analysis and testing we have documented a distinct formula that can be replicated to create viral marketing campaigns on demand.

Our next question was what do we do with this information? Do we keep it to ourselves or share it?
We analyzed our own business for the answer and it became clear.

Our success over the years has been due to our clients recognizing that we know how to think out of the box and get things done. We determined that sharing our findings would simply expose more potential dream clients to what we are capable of. It’s a win win situation. We help many achieve their goals while attracting the select few we wish to work with.

Of course any method by itself is useless, if not distilled into an easy to understand and executable plan.

Fortunately this is something else we are good at. We have taken a complex subject and boiled it down to a simple step by step PDF. The method and course of action we lay out has been responsible for taking big brands, social causes and charity organizations viral and it can be applied to any size or type of business. Simply apply our process and a little creativity and you have yourself a game changer!

Click here to gain access to the PDF which will outline in an easy step by step, how to create your own viral campaign.


Peter Lessard & Afra Sanjari
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