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Martha Psyko - Album Debut: ElectroClasica

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Martha Psyko - Album Debut: ElectroClasica

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Started on: November 09, 2015
Closed on: December 03, 2015 (03:00 AM GMT -5).

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About this Campaign


I am Martha Psyko. My passion for music began when I was a little child, and with that started also all my dreams. I started playing the violin with only 8 years old and ever since, I did not get away from my violin. Several years later, after I finished my formal music studies, I worked really hard to reach the one that was so far my biggest dream: to audition for the National Symphony Orchestra of my country. I got in and I had the wonderful experience of being part of the Orchestra for 2 years. But one day, I felt I could take music beyond any border, so I decided to pursue this new dream. I bought some equipment like a camera, lights, microphones and started my own music channel on youtube, where each week I play music from around the world, always accompanied by my violin. It was difficult at first but gradually the channel was growing and now, in less than 10 months, I already reached 5,000 subscribers and nearly half a million views; and, more importantly, it has a rapid growth.

What is the dream that I invite you to help me?

Now my dream is to release my first solo album. For this album, I have chosen 12 works of academic music to re-version it with musical arrangements as dupstep, electronic music, and disco. All this arrangements will respect the essence of the music pieces but also are trying to give a modern and very fresh version. In all these music pieces I have worked tirelessly the past 6 months with my arranger. After these long months of recording sessions, finally we are ready of mixing and mastering so the material is ready and able to physically be produced. My final dream: share it with you.


 I know that this dream could not be carried out without you and so, in gratitude for your contribution always, always I'll give you something in return. You can see at the right hand side of the page, the contribution or sponsorship options and what you get from me; such as the digital and the physical disk, or a private concert for you. Take a look! 

 THANK YOU !!!!!!! 

 Finally, I want to thank you for read and understand my dream. This is the result of many years of testing, practice and work. This dream of a lifetime can come truthanks to you.

                      I would love that you will be part of this dream! 

                                         Thanks for the support!

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