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Shame On Fat Shamers

Shame On #FatShamers - Ladies, the truth is - you're all works of art. Be who you are.


Shame On Fat Shamers

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Started on: May 22, 2015
Closed on: July 01, 2015 (03:00 AM GMT 5.5).

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About this Campaign

The female body - in all forms - has been revered as a work of art for centuries. Research any of the famous Greek or Italian sculptures or French paintings and you will see how the soft contours and ample curves of a woman's body has been celebrated throughout history.

Popular opinion has certainly changed over the years. Women who used to be considered goddesses of beauty, love and fetility are now seen as obese, unhealthy and flawed. Today - thin is definitely in.

Society's new image of the ideal woman is ingrained into our heads daily. Billboards, magazines, the music and film industry - everywhere we look there are examples of what beauty is supposed to look like. For women who don't live up to society's version of the ideal woman, life can get very ugly very quickly.

Enter: Fat Shaming

Have you heard of it? Probably not - unless you happen to be a woman who isn't tall and thin, who may have curves in all the right places or one who's simply content in the skin she's in. In that case, you've probably already been exposed to varying degrees of fat shaming - from the snickering and snide comments when you dare to bare a little bit of skin to those backhanded compliments from friends about how “You have such a pretty face.....” - as if to imply there's something wrong with the ample rest of you.

Famous people aren't immune to fat shaming. Adele, Kelly Clarkson and Melissa McCarthy are just a few examples from a list of celebrities who have experienced fat shaming in the public eye. What's interesting to note is that they are all women.

When did society gain the power to dictate over our lives what's beautiful and what isn't?

The moment that women yeilded under the pressure to conform.

That was also the moment when it became socially acceptable to judge someone's worth based on their external appearances, ridicule someone for failing to meet these prejudicial beauty standards and to expect to be treated with blatant disregard if you don't fit under their tall, skinny umbrella.

Ladies, the truth is - you're all works of art. Every single one of you. Every scar, every stretch mark, every extra pound and wrinkle you have on your body is perfection in its most intimate form. Every cell in your body was designed to make you who and what you are - a vibrant, magnificent example of femininity and womanhood.

Ghandi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

This means let the shifting of power begin with you.

Be who you are.


Change the voices in your head to make them like you instead.

Let them speak so freely - and loudly - that they drown out all the media hype that has kept you in a pit of low-self esteem for so long.

Build up the women in your life so that they, too, can stand up to the pressure to conform to society's ideal image of beauty.

How To Get Involved:

  • Visit the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA) to download a toolkit and media materials and to find out how you can participate in one of their many size acceptance campaigns.
  • Visit the Council on Size and Weight Discrimination (CWSD) to learn more about size discrimination, current outreach programs and materials to educate others on this important issue.
  • Promote this campaign via social media to empower the women in your life - and the world - using hashtag #StopFatShaming #LoveYourself.

Encourage your friends, family and social media followers to do the same.

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Uttoran Sen

registered 8 years ago

When did society gain the power to dictate over our lives what's beautiful and what isn't? The moment that women yeilded under the pressure to conform. Be who you are. Unappologetically.


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