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Making a difference

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Hello, my beautiful people! Yes, YOU are gorgeous! And honey, I am talking to YOU!

Beauty is not living up to everyone's standards but being your own kind of beautiful!

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash      Photo by Kris Atomic on Unsplash

In this post, I want to discuss how we as a society can be better on ourselves instead of so hard. Being confident, accepting ourselves and being realistic!

When you look in the mirror, if you are honest with yourself there is always something we tend to not like the reflection looking back. I ask myself, why is that? We as humans always WANT to find something wrong. All the models and gorgeous woman on tv that seem so flawless and have life "together". Well, let me tell you my dear...they do not! EVERYONE has flaws! Yup, even that tall stunning long-legged make your mouth drop to the grown woman you saw the other day.This was Ophelia from Hamlet's perspective on the matter, “We know what we are, but know not what we may be": "We know what we are, and we wish we weren’t this way.”UUUUGGG, I mean okay; So I work with this 5'11 Barbie doll who seems so organized and her life comes across so perfect. Truly disgusting...okay not really but how can one look soooo beautiful! That was all that was going through my mind after I got home and looked at my barely 5'2 frame.  Reeeeaaaally com'n. So After much thought, I decided I wanted to know (let's call her Barbie. ) how her life was and a bit about her picture-perfect world. GUESSS WHAT...not so perfect. The basis of loving yourself is not to see YOU as you THINK others do but putting your best foot forward and showing THEM that you see yourself as a valuable artifact! As I get closer to my thirties..(sigh, I am closer to 30 then I look...it just goes downhill from here) my biggest struggle was trying to find my niche. I mean most people do not know how to act or fit in their age range. Again if you're a model or tv start it is assumed that your so perfect world includes a so perfect group. What does not come as a surprise is that they are humans and struggle too! The social media makes it hard to value who we are regardless of how thick, thin, tall or short. We see these men and women who are all put together perfectly. What we often forget is behind all the makeup and pretty close there is someone! A human being who has the same flaws, struggles (different as they may be) and feelings that you may experience.  Here are a few things that I learned and try to keep in mind before I go hard on myself.

  1. Never give others reason to not value you! Okay, I can see some of you rolling your eyes like how. Well having a reputation is the number one thing that comes to my mind. The way one presents themselves can either hurt or uplift them. Coming to a meeting dressed like a hooker is not a good first look. I know some of you are like, well yeah. But I have come to realize some think that is the best way to get ANY attention.You not respecting yourself enough will not be giving anyone else reason to respect you either. Valuing yourself and not letting others seeing you as nothing less but the most valuable artifact will get you far in the world but most imports get yourself to see your own worth!

    2. Do not be afraid to confront yourself! Okay, going a bit outer space here. What I mean by that comment is this. When you are able to see yourself for who you really are that's when you can put your best foot forward. So, for example; how can you have others see you as smart and accomplished if you do not see yourself that way!?? Being hard on oneself is all fine, as long as you can also grant yourself mercy. We are our own worst critic. But through that, we also must be quick to extend mercy. Being hard on oneself pushes one to further greatness but also being the realist is just as great of an accomplishment!

3. Strive to achieve greater things but be realistic in your pursuits! Having a desire to be a certain place in your career, life or weight takes time. Being driven and setting goals are great ways to see your desires accomplished and also a great way to gain patience. As you will see Rome was not built-in one day and neither will your dreams just happen in one day either. Like a professor told me; "Keep pushing!" always give yourself a goal to accomplish.

4. Date yourself! Haha, yes! I said that! You do not need a men or women to tell you-you are perfect. Ladies, get up and find that outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks and wear it! Love yourself. Even if you do not have the money but want to feel beautiful...do not hesitate. Put on that dress, whip yourself something good and sip that champion and live life to the fullest. Be bad all by yourself honey! Dating yourself helps one see how valuable they are. Looking in the mirror and seeing that the person looking back is beautiful and worth doing something for helps self-esteem.

5. Find the things you like about yourself! You might hate your hair but love your smile or something else, but whatever you like; focus on that! Do not spend so much time dwelling on the things that nobody else knows or will know about. Focus on that perfect smile or them long legs or beautiful toes! Love yourself for your perfection and imperfections!

Last but not least.

6. Know that nobody is perfect and struggles too!  When you’re in low self-acceptance mode, and thinking that everyone is better than you. It could be that others are better than you in something, but that doesn’t mean you’re any less of a valuable person yourself. Instead of comparing yourself negatively, accept that fact, and then see if you can learn from it.

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Being Confident in who you are!

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