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Herniated Disc is a Major Reason for Back Pain

Ryan Satpute is a health and disease advisor


Herniated Disc is a Major Reason for Back…

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A spinal column is made up of vertebrae. The vertebrae consist intervertebral disks called as spinal disks. These are the rubbery pads between the vertebrae that act as a shock absorbers for the spine which facilitates free moments. A herniation occurs when the outer portion of a spinal disk breaks down and inner portion leaks out. It can result the inner portion of the disk to thrust out. The extruded inner portion of the disk can cause damage to the nearby nerves. Compression or irritation of the nerves can result in radiating pain throughout the affected nerves of one’s body.

The pain and discomfort caused due to herniated disk can be excruciating. Herniated disk is also called as slipped disk. A spinal column is an intricate network of nerves and blood vessels. In case of a herniated disk, extra pressure can be placed on them causing one to feel severe pain and numbness. Herniated disk can be caused due to various internal as well as external factors. Some of them are mentioned below:


  • Age: With passing age, the vertebrae deteriorates. The disks between the vertebrae wear away and start shrinking. It results in bones to start rub against each other. This is one of the prime reasons for ont i ryggen in old age.

  • Lifting: Sometimes while lifting large and heavy objects, one can throw his or her back out. It can place a great strain on the lower back that may result in herniated disk.

  • Injury: A severe sports injury or an injury caused in an accident can puncture the disks causing friction in the vertebrae.

  • Obesity: Being over-weight is also among the reasons for suffering through herniated disk. It is always possible that the disks may not support the additional weight of the body causing serious pain to the individual.


There are remedies such as particular exercises, medication and surgery to remove the damaged disks. Many state-of-the-art centres for back rehabilitation are there that perform the practices to provide solace from back problems. 

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