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Guest Blogging Service Offered for Fitness, Gym, Yoga, or Crossfit Web Site

Let me write a shareable, SEO-optimized guest blog for your fitness site!


Guest Blogging Service Offered for Fitness,…

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Hello, I'm Nicholas, a professional writer and SEO specialist from Now Media Group in San Diego. Long story short, I can write you a top-quality guest blog and it comes with a lot of advantages.

Check out the attached link to see examples of others I've done and feel free to email me at [email protected] with any questions you may have.

Here are the topics I'm offering for an initial guest blog on your fitness site - Note that I am open to suggestions as well, and repeat business is an option:

2 Topic Suggestions for the Guest Blog

Obviously, it's important that the blog I write fits into the vibe of your website. Here are two options you can pick from if you're open to it:

Option 1: "Which 5 Habits Can Hurt an Athlete's Smile?"

Option 2: “Have the Perfect Beachbody? 4 Other Ways to Improve Your Looks”


If you're open to the idea of a high-quality guest blog for your site, let me know and I can provide one for you within a few days of your response.


Let's make it happen,


Nicholas Napier, MBA

Copywriter and SEO

Now Media Group

San Diego, CA

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