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Detective English and The Grammar Stone

Kickstarter Project: RPG with a crazy story, mainly for ESL learners and classic gamers.


Detective English and The Grammar Stone

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Started on: September 20, 2015
Will close on: November 30, -0001 (03:00 AM GMT 2).

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About this Campaign

We want to make a RPG based game. The game’s title is “Detective English: The Search of the Spirits of The Grammar Stone”. The story put us in the shoes of Detective English, a veteran detective who has to retrieve the Grammar Stone from Dr. Mistake, but when Detective English tries to stop Dr. Mistake the Grammar Stone splits into four shards, each one containing a spirit and disappearing in the sky. Thus, Detective English has to find those shards to fix the Grammar Stone and save the English language. Due to our educational approach the game has a lot of references to English grammar i.e. the name of the places, monsters, skills, the party of heroes,… Detective English and the Grammar Stone is a classic 16-bit RPG in which you play as a detective in search of the Grammar Stone, the aim is not only having fun , but to be learn English as a secondary language with him. The Grammar Stone has disappeared, and the inhabitants of Grammaralia are forgetting how to use the English language. Yo come from the future , so you are not affected and can help Grammaralians. It is intended to be played by both young and old, our idea is to get funding to make a larger project, publish it on Steam and have money to pay for new illustrations. We need your support, we are only two and making it well is demanding and not easy (at all). We think that there are no games like this in the market, even if we find games with stories similar to ours, none of them have a grammatical background and a focus on teaching.

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Kickstarter Project: RPG with a crazy story, mainly for ESL learners and classic gamers.

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