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A site to break down prejudice between people through watching movies



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Started on: September 11, 2017
Closed on: October 31, 2017 (12:00 AM GMT -12).

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“Once upon a time ..... and they lived happily ever after” are phrases that awaken us with beautiful feelings. These words are the same that we heard when we were kids when people we love told us stories and we let our fantasy explore unknown worlds. when we are kids we are transported by emotions that let us slide smoothly, which we intentionally do not control. We are ourselves, free to cry because we are sad or free to laugh because we are happy. Often this freedom of being ourselves decreases with time and along with it situations of freedom decrease too, initially at school then at work and finally out of home. TELLME will tell the story of real stories backed by short films and wants to guide people to look with new eyes new situations by taking the less direct path but most useful to meet old and new people. You will definitely be asking, as all this is possible only by watching movies of people with different experiences. Obviously this is just a first approach to find that freedom we had when we were children. Usually when people watch a movie strongly identify with the main character and this is how they become the protagonists of the film by enchantingly enriching their wealth of experience. I believe that lack of freedom is a consequence of a society that struggle to understand that different experiences from one's own can be a wealth.

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