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Beyond the Grave Investigations

We are a paranormal investigation group looking for funding for our equipment.


Beyond the Grave Investigations

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Started on: September 21, 2018
Closed on: October 15, 2018 (12:00 AM GMT -12).

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About this Campaign

We are a paranormal investigation group looking to televise our investigations.

Beyond The Grave will be filming a web series covering several historical and private locations in the state of New York. All locations in the show have been found to have possible paranormal activity. This show will highlight the actual investigations "behind the scenes" from the original contact with the location, set up of equipment, personal and documented evidence of any activities. This show will detail the equipment purpose and usage, research practices, along with team interaction with each other, and spirits. This will include BTG'S scientific philosophy in all aspects of investigations.


We need funding for

  • Cameras
  • Ghost Hunting Equipment(EMF Sensors and IR cameras)
  • Lighting
  • Software
  • Camera Gear


Visit our Indiegogo campaign to support our Investigation team. thanks


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