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Treasure Hound - Quest for Miracle Mallet

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Treasure Hound - Quest for Miracle Mallet

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Started on: January 01, 1970
Closed on: July 15, 2019 (09:00 PM GMT 5.5).

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Treasure Hound will take you on a journey to unearth a treasure that has been shrouded in mystery and ancient stories, to the point where even its existence is questioned. Until one day, just one scrap of a clue is discovered and it shifts the gears of manipulation, greed, threat and unmistakable action. Thus, the adventure begins

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Uttoran Sen

registered 8 years ago

Online entrepreneur - Risk taker - Gamer - Proud father - Sport addicted. Co-founded online companies like Temok, Myukmailbox, GuestCrew, CubyCode, including Bleeding Edge Studio which was established in 2014 to make engaging games that are developed with the gamers in mind. Being a team of gamers ourselves, we take great pride in creating what the community wants. Ever since being founded, the team at Bleeding Edge Studio has developed over 50 titles that are enjoyed by gamers, worldwide.


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