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Muni Coffee Co. Bringing Philippines' finest coffee to London!

Hello! We are excited to share the Muni Coffee adventure with you. Join us!

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Muni Coffee Co. Bringing Philippines' finest…

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Started on: September 01, 2015
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About this Campaign

The Company

Muni Coffee Co. is a Filipino-European inspired artisanal coffee shop to launch in West London. The aim of Muni is to serve Londoners Philippines' finest Arabica coffee beans with their exciting food offers, a twist of Filipino favourite bakery goods. More than that, Muni Coffee Co. is committed to transform farms in the Philippines one cup at a time by contributing research, expertise, and funds back to their partner farms. Currently, they are thrilled to offer their first coffees from Torre Farm in Benguet, Philippines. 

Our story

For over an entire year the founders traveled back and forth to the coffee farms in the Philppines to find the best coffees and establish key relationships. They have brought back to London over 25 different coffee samlpes from various coffee farms in the Philippines. They have conducted cupping sessions with coffee experts Joe Syme and Jon Cowell from Campbelle & Syme Coffee Roasters in North London until they found the very best. Their commitment is to bridge the gap between the consumer and the farmer by sharing the stories of the communities that produce their coffees and build awareness about their collaborative work to support the farmers increase their capacity and promote Philippine specialty coffee through serving excellent cups of coffee in London.

Coffee origins

The coffee in Torre farm is special not only because of it's rich, full-bodied flavour with hints of fruity notes, but because of the incredible story of the people who produce it. The coffee variety is Typica and grows at 1,600 above sea level in the mountains of Benguet. The Torre farm is owned by a family of Igorots (Indigenous Filipino) where coffee farming is a family livelihood. Norman at 33 years old, is the elder in his family and leads the development of their coffee farm, his vision is to transform his family's farm into a coffee tourism farm so that people will learn the importance of coffee farming to the community.

When Muni founders Jena and Julian met Norman early this year they leraned that he recently left mining gold and went back to their coffee farm to build their family legacy. With the support of the Philippine Coffee Alliance, Norman and his family is currently developing further the methods of coffee farming to become sustainable for the future. Since then, the founders became good friends with Norman and have established good relationships to support one another. On the one hand Muni is to launch it's first coffee shop in London and is simultaneously working collaboratively to support the work of local farmers like Kuya Norman through the Philippine Coffee Alliance.  

Muni Coffee shop

So far the Muni team invested in their first coffees shipment, research, branding, website, and other pre-startup costs, they are almost ready to move in to their first coffee shop in West London, while they have covered most of the funding already, they brought their project to Kickstarter this August so they can reach their funding target so they can finally launch their first coffee shop!

What you can expect at Muni Coffee shop is a narrative of the Muni Coffee adventure where you will feel like you are teleported back to the farms and where every staff is knowledgeable and passionate about the stories of their coffees. One would also expect to have a taste of their originally developed food offers best paired with coffees. Muni is planning to work with London's brightest and talented interior designers to translate their story into their coffee shop so every person who walks in will be taken through the beautiful process of the coffee beans, from farm to your cup! Through Kickstarter Muni Coffee shop is set to launch late this year. A portion of the funds raised will also be invested to buy coffee seedlings for the planting season at Torre farm.

Join the Muni Coffee adventure now! Be the first to taste Muni Coffee, now available at Kickstarter!

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We're on a Muni Coffee adventure! While I am passionate about everything about coffee, what really motivates me and the team at Muni is our vision to inspire our future customers with the stories of our coffee origins. While we serve artisanal coffee in London we are also contributing to changing th


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