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I suffer from Alopecia Areata Please help me raise enough money to buy a suction wig

Please help Suction Wig Alopecia Areate https://www.gofundme.com/alopaciaareata

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I suffer from Alopecia Areata Please help…

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Hello my name is Lauren and I am hoping to raise funds which would enable me to purchase a wig for my recently diagnosed alopacia areata. 
9 weeks ago I had the thickest and longest hair you can image. (Hair to my bottom and enough hair for at least 2 other people just to give you an idea) today 9 weeks on I’ve lost 99% of it. 

After reasearching health insurance and what extras they cover and do not cover, I found that there isn’t Private Health Insurance that covers wigs. 

To date there’s little to no help in the form of government grants or support funding for wigs either. (although NDIS does provide $240 over 3 years for the purchase of wigs). 

I’m the type of person who’s never cared what I looked like, or what I wore let alone what others have to say about it. That was until I lost all of my hair. I would have never thought that my hair (or lack there of it) of all things would be the one thing that’d make me feel like I wasn’t a normal 33 year old. 
This journey has been a big eye opener, it’s made me self conscious, nervous and uncomfortable around people. (Something that’s very new to me) There’s day all I really just want to do is hide away., then there’s days I don’t care at all. 

The specialist tells me that it’s a very severe case and one that’s not likely to see my hair grow back, and if I’m lucky and it does, it’ll more than likely just be wispy patches of silver white hair. This terrifies me- not the fact it maybe white but the fact it may never grow grow back. 

A few weeks ago I met Angela from Angel Wigs. She showed me a few different types of wigs and explained which ones that would be best suited for me and the best for long term use. 
Angel wigs can custom design, fit and style wigs that will be fitted to fit my head and are able to create a human hair wig that will look and feel very similar to the way in which my hair was 9 weeks ago. 
Of course this means finding a lot of money as custom fitted human hair wigs don’t come cheap- (Angel wigs have quoted between $5000-$6500)
If you would like to donate and help me raise awareness about alopacia Areata I would be most appreciative. 

Alternatively if you’d like to donate your own hair please contact me or head on over to Angel Wigs website for more information.
*Criteria for donating hair*
Hair must be natural- no dyes, colours or treatments. 
Must be 30cm long or greater. 
Secured at both top and bottom.

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