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Hatching Bluebird Cakery

We've been baking gourmet cupcakes & cakes for years, it's time to hatch into our own space!

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Hatching Bluebird Cakery

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Started on: September 01, 2015
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I am Kelsy Wittmeier; business woman, entrepreneur, cupcake fanatic, and goofball!

That's me just goofin' around with buttercream!

That's me just goofin' around with buttercream!

I have been baking and decorating since I was16 years old.  I never thought my passion could become my career, but last year I decided to leave the corporate world to open a bakery.  I am now putting my Management Degree to work in a much "sweeter" way. I decided to pursue my passion -- cupcakes! I started selling at the Farmer's Market in Faribault MN and Bluebird Cakery was born! Since then we have grown so quickly that we now have 3 employees and a very busy wedding season!

We will be able to sell at the local Farmer's Market until the end of the season, October 31st, 2015. We can't have a brick and mortar location and also retail at the Farmer's market, which unfortunately means that when the Farmer's Market ends, so does our retail outlet. Yikes! It's time to take the next step. We want to get our own kitchen and retail store front.

Cakes from the Taste of Faribault event 2015: Chocolate Cherry Sundae!

Cakes from the Taste of Faribault event 2015: Chocolate Cherry Sundae!

We have been lucky enough to find a few business owners who allow us to rent their kitchens when they are closed.  This has allowed us to keep costs low and grow a cupcake following in the community. We have grown so much that we are bumping elbows and fighting for storage space where we rent. It is obvious that being a renter is not a long term solution.  We need our own space.

Future Retail Space on Central Ave in the heart of Downtown Faribault

Future Retail Space on Central Ave in the heart of Downtown Faribault

We are looking to raise $18,000 to fund our commercial equipment and get the store front up and running. We need to completely remodel the store front, bring it up to code, AND beautify the space! Every backer, both big or small, helps get us closer to our goal!

With our community following we are confident we will have the sales to support a store front. We want this to happen in the next three months. Please help us make this happen so Bluebird Cakery can be a permanent addition to the Faribault community. Thank you for all your support!

Check out our website, Facebook page, and full menu for more details and photos of amazing-ness!

Now the rest of this is less heart warming. More about the logistics and execution of our plans. If this interests you, please read on to "how" we intend to put your backing to good use!

With looking to expand into our own space, we are taking on a large investment which you are potentially helping fund. Thank you for even considering!

Our main goal is to keep overhead costs low during the expansion so that we can recuperate as fast as possible and become profitable. Below I have detailed some expenses and risks, then detailed how we plan to proactively handle them.

Raising the funds: We decided to do Kickstarter because we wanted to go to our fans and customers for support. As a company we are invested in small and local businesses, so why not do our funding this way too?

Building out the space/rental agreement:
Since investing in a rental space does not build value in our company, we sought out a landlord who was willing to split many of the costs down the middle. Our compromise is a lower monthly rental amount in exchange for longer lease terms. We have agreed to a five year lease and to cover the installation of a hood system ($3K -$4K). This allowed the landlord to convert the existing catering kitchen into a up-to-code shell. Now all I have to do is bring in the equipment, hood, and supplies to have a complete commercial kitchen that is up to code. Wah-la! This is a great victory since financing the build out of a commercial kitchen can be very costly.

We will also need to create our retail sales area. We have full creative control on the store front space and can now build to suit. We are given a blank box with finished walls, appropriate plumbing, electrical, and concrete floor.  

One time investment costs for equipment:
Below are the estimated cost projections for buying the used commercial equipment and renting commercial retail space. Please keep in mind, that we are planning to buy most of the equipment used, and the prices in the estimate are for brand new and some used equipment. This is where most of your dollars will be going.

-SHARP MICROWAVE OVEN - 1000w/120v $389.00
TOTAL: $25,929.20

We are on a lease-to-own equipment plan, so we will not need the total $25,000.00 immediately. The funds you help raise will help cover the payments and overhead costs during our first couple operating months. If there are additional funds after we open for business it will go straight to paying off the equipment so that we may be profitable as soon as possible.

Labor and Installation costs:
We are recruiting our family. My father is a licensed contractor in the State of MN. He will be personally doing all the construction to our store front and only charging us for the costs of materials. Thanks Dad! We still need to finance the installation of the hood, materials, signing, and buying the initial inventory!

Customer oriented staffing:
I have already trained and selected the few staff members I would like to be a part of the team. Over the last 6 months they have been learning all of my trade secrets and I have been molding their customer service skills to fit our vibrant personality. They are trained on service, service, service and this is the number one priority. You can teach recipes and skills - you cannot train someone to have a great personality!

Needed production to cover monthly costs:
By my projections, we would need to be open a minimum of 5 days a week and sell the items detailed below per week:
Cupcakes/Cakes: 750
Wedding/Large Event: 1
Grab and Go Items: 100
Espresso Drinks: 150

There will be some additional income from retail items like bread and merchandise. Those are not included because I don't anticipate the profit to be significant at first.

Monthly Income Projections:
Cupcakes or cake pieces: $9,000.00
Weddings or events:  $2,800.00
Grab and Go Items: $640.00
Coffee: $2,100.00
Bread Sales: $50.00    
Total Gross Sales: $14,590.00            
COGS (20%): $2,918.00            
Gross Profit: $12,032.00

Accounting & Legal        $115.00
Advertising            $200.00
Auto Expense - Repairs    $100.00
Equipment Maintenance    $100.00
Equipment Payment    $775.00
Insurance                    $150.00
Miscellaneous            $200.00
Payroll - Employees    $1,920.00
Payroll Taxes            $238.08
Rent                    $950.00
Supplies                $200.00
Telephone            $100.00
Utilities                $400.00        
Total Expenses: $5,448.08                
Net Profit: $6,583.92
Net Profit Annualized: $79,007.04

We will use the annualized profit to pay-off our equipment expenses to put us into the black! The faster we pay off our start-up expenses the faster we become profitable!

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We are a small from scratch bakery that is trying to raise $25,000 by October 5th to get us into our store front in downtown Faribault MN. We started at the Farmer's market last year and had such a great response from the community we had to react and expand quickly! We specialize in from scratch ca


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