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Distinct 30+ tools in one

Ultra-Thin Multi-Tool “Distinct” Is Packed With 30+ Features

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Distinct 30+ tools in one

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Chiseled Design, LLC Announces Pocket-Sized Gadget That Contains More than 30 Tools In One

New York, NY – Nov 6th2018 - A New York based start-up that creates innovative products designed to maximize your productivity is bringing Distinct, their latest gadget, to Kickstarter. Distinctis a multi-tool that contains more than 30 features in one and is the size of a credit card. 

Distinct has been designed and developed by Chiseled Design, LLC to give multi-tool enthusiasts the freedom to customize the tools they need. All the tools are visible for easy access so users will never have to pull out the wrong tool again. Distincthas the flexibility that you need which makes it perfect for Every Day Carry (EDC). Photographers can use Distinctto attach, detach and connect camera gears. Skateboarders and snowboarders can use its features to tighten the nuts/bolts on their boards and use the screw bit driver all at the same time. DIY enthusiasts will appreciate its adaptability and configurability to prepare the right tools necessary for their next adventure and everyone can benefit from the versality of a multi-tool that has been designed to solve everyday problems and make life easier.

Ideal for cyclists, Distinctcarries 10 interchangeable hex bits in its dedicated housing: (T10, T25, PH1, SL5, H2mm, H2.5mm, H3mm, H4mm, H5mm, H6mm) with an integrated N52 magnet that secure your bits, so you will never lose them while you work. Essential additional features include: a magnetic screw bit holder, a five-spoke wrench including the SW-5 (T20) for use on DT Swiss Tricon wheels, six-metric wrench set, a hex socket designed to allow the user to maneuver in tight spaces that are difficult to reach using bulky tools. High torq (look up) Also included are: a bottle opener, a paint can opener, box cutter, three-sized wire benders, a wire stripper, a file tool, string cutter, and much more.

Distinctis thin, lightweight, corrosion resistant, durable, compatible with standard size ¼” bits, and is easy to use. This EDC is high-quality, innovative, and super compact multi-tool that can be used simultaneously for one low price. Wherever your next adventure takes you, Distinct has your back.

Prices for Distinctstart at $25, with Kickstarter Specials and Super Early Bird deals available now at:



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How often have you wished you had all the tools you need in your pocket without having to carry a bulky toolbox? Chiseled Design’s Ultra-Thin Multi-Tool “Distinct” with 30+ Essential Features solves this problem. This unique all in one tool is currently being featured on Kickstarter. This EDC multi-tool adapts to tool enthusiasts’ lifestyles and gives them the freedom to swap and configure the tools they need.

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