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Danielle Imara's Insane

Danielle Imara's Insane- research and development leading to showcase performances.

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Danielle Imara's Insane

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Started on: September 02, 2015
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Danielle Imara's Insane is an experimental pop opera which discusses mental health issues including social stigma and available treatments, based on real-life stories. It is a mixed-genre piece with a narrative inspired by autobiography,  interviews and research, containing humorous and surreal elements including a chorus-line of dancing Prozac pills. The production features original songs and music in styles from electro to dub reggae and pop written by our Writer and Director, Danielle Imara.

Arts Council England have agreed to fund the majority of the money needed to mount this research and development period and scratch performances but we need your help to reach our target. In return you will receive thank yous, tickets, limited edition Soren James (our art director) prints and even invitations to our opening night party.

This production follows on from our previous production 'Danielle Imara's in Jail' which received glowing reviews at the Brighton Fringe Festival. Your funding will contribute towards a four month research and development period in which we will carry out interviews and workshops with Mental Health Service Users followed by scratch performances in Canterbury and London. We will then use feedback and our research findings to further develop the production to make it ready for programming or to enter into festivals such as the Canterbury Festival or the Folkestone Festival of the Brain.

We truly believe that our production will be a great contributor to mental health awareness, challenge stigma and discrimination and provide key research into the link between creativity and mental health, all of which will aid this marginalised community, particularly in the South East, which we at Fresco Puppy are all part of.

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