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CounterCrop Indoor Garden

CounterCrop is an easy, all-in-one home garden - grow fresh food on your kitchen counter!

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CounterCrop Indoor Garden

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Started on: December 09, 2014
Closed on: January 08, 2015 (03:00 AM GMT -7).

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Join the CounterCulture and take the first step in growing fresh, natural food right in your own home! 

CounterCrop is the best all-in-one home garden available anywhere.  It includes everything you need to grow and harvest lots of fresh vegetables and herbs right on your own countertop: Advanced LED grow lights, integrated Ebb & Flow hydroponic watering system, 50 dirt-free growing pods and an easy, smart remote control.

Simply add your favorite seeds, water, some liquid plant food, plug it in and press a button on the remote control -- CounterCrop will take it from there! Just sit back and, depending on what you grow, in a few weeks you will have fresh veggies to serve your family and friends.  You can even go away for a long weekend and your CounterCrop will continue to tend your plants so you come home to beautiful healthy food.

Help grow the new CounterCulture revolution -- get your CounterCrop now!

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