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Cosmic Explorer Ring

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Cosmic Explorer Ring

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The cosmic explorer is my first perfected ring that i feel is truly beautiful and having it here now makes me almost want to keep it all to myself as its like a baby to me. Its taken a lot of time and designing to come up with this ring. It is available in both men's and women's sizes.

The reason i am running this project and am asking for this support is because i am just starting my career as a ring designer and maker and require tools, work space and other systems in place to aid me in keeping me doing what i love. I currently use a part time job to fund my rings, buying materials with any spare money whilst living and studying at university so having this support would be a massive push in the right direction. 

With my current set up i can comfortably make these rings but dont have the facilities to experiment with stronger, better materials like metals and my photo studio also lacks investment. 

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