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Bitcoin Alert App

The app compares bitcoin buy sell prices, provides an overview of all auctions and more..

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Bitcoin Alert App

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Started on: August 05, 2015
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About this Campaign

The BitcoinAlert app would be the ultimate guide for everyone who is interested in buying or selling bitcoins.

What problem did you identified?

Currently people can buy bitcoins from more than hundred of different websites. However the bitcoin has a general value, it's being sold for a different price at different websites. You may spend too much on bitcoins whilst you could get them much cheaper elsewhere. Nowadays people often use a price comparison app when booking flights or when they want to book a hotel. Why not applying the same system to the websites selling bitcoins? Besides, if you could get notified about exceptional deals, rather than needing to look for them on the internet the whole time, would be much more convenient.

Compare prices

This app lists current buy and sell prices from bitcoin buyers and sellers. It also gives you an overview of all current auctions of bitcoin exchanges. Via the app it's possible to quickly have a look at all current deals going on. The data is reliable and will be provided by BittyBot.co. I have had contact with the founder of BittyBot.co and we stay in touch regularly. However, the app will do more than just displaying this information. It will be processed and used as input for our alerts.

Historic Statistics

Besides displaying the current deals, the app will also store historic data. Information like the fluctuation of the bitcoin, a daily fluctuation rate, or the buy and sell prices of users of the past weeks / months. This makes it possible to provide an overview of the past to our users. By looking at the past it's easier to determine when to buy or sell your bitcoins. This data will also be used for our alert services.

Alert services

Via the settings page it's possible to enable the alert services. This means that push notifications will be sent informing users when it's a great time to buy or sell their bitcoins. There is also the possibility to select a specific profile for the alert services. Every profile will work on using a different algorithm. There will be for example a profile for the day trader or longterm investors. It's also possible to enable "Local Markets", which makes it possible to only be alerted about deals of local vendors.




Making this a community project is important to me. That said, I let the community decide and choose a name for this app as well as offer the possibility to come up with new ideas / functions which I will implement. You can see in the rewards how that's possible.

This app will be released for iOS and Android around October.

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