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185,000 amputations a year

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185,000 amputations a year

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Started on: August 07, 2015
Will close on: August 08, 2015 (03:00 AM GMT 3).

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People with vascular disease, diabetes or stroke and even accidents may have been confined to bed for months, maybe even a year before they have the amputation. That means family members and friends will have to help out for a longer period of time with things like grocery shopping, cleaning, paying bills and even bathing and dressing.
Most of these were healthy individuals before the trauma and therefore would want their independence back
Just imagine that magical moment when an amputee with no income and no insurance is matched with a much needed prosthetic limb.

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registered 5 years ago

185,000 amputations a year in the US alone and no one is raising eyebrows?

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