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Espwa Society: Hope Awareness

Espwa Society is a nonprofit dedicated to social change through the simple message of HOPE.


Espwa Society: Hope Awareness

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Started on: December 14, 2014
Will close on: December 14, 2014 (03:00 AM GMT -4).

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About this Campaign

“In God We Trust”

Within the borders of the greatest country in the world we suffer.

We suffer from work lost.

We suffer from lives lost.

We suffer from the lost of public trust.

We suffer from the lost of education.

We suffer from the lost of environmental care.

We suffer from the lost of education.

We suffer from the lost of personal security.

We even suffer from the lost of food.

For no longer do we want to suffer. We want to strengthen public trust and environmental care and aid to those in need of proper nutrition and education.

The Espwa Society wants to fill a void in our public and restore HOPE. We want to build an easy access bridge between the people of our community and the future because only we own our future.

Espwa means HOPE.

The Espwa Society has plans for nonstop rallying, volunteering, aiding and complete involvement. We have plans to provide low-cost higher education to our populace, outright stock local food pantries, restore community vibrancy and optimistically increase the awareness of the simplest message on earth, HOPE.

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