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6 Unique Ways to Celebrate Work Anniversaries

6 Unique Ways to Celebrate Work Anniversaries


6 Unique Ways to Celebrate Work Anniversaries

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There aren’t too many people who are blissfully unaware of how long they’ve worked at a company, so as an employer or a colleague, it might be a good idea to show your gratefulness to your long-term team members.

It isn’t too hard or expensive to celebrate workplace anniversaries, and by taking the time out of your day to honour someone, you’re going to lift morale and show staff you really are grateful for all those you work with.

Here are a few of our unique ways to celebrate workplace anniversaries.


Team or Group Parties

We’ll kick things off with the rather common way to celebrate, with a unique spin.

You should consider planning a workplace party, on a Friday or after-hours, to celebrate an employee’s long-term commitment to your business, but also take the initiative to invite their outside-of-work friends too!

Take a look on social media or ask members of their team who their close friends are and have them arrive at your workplace for the party! You’ll have a group of friends who can come up with some unique ideas and will also put a personalised spin on things.


Offer Activity or Experience Gift Cards

If you’re not too inclined to offer a gift card for a store, some wine or a cinema session, then celebrating your employee’s anniversary can be as simple as offering them a paid experience or activity coupon.

The chances are there are plenty of fun activities to do in your city, so take a scroll down Groupon’s landing page and find something you know your employee is going to love. Purchase the coupon and you’ll have an all-expenses-paid activity like sailing or rock climbing that your employee can do on their day off, or after work.


Desk Decorations

Best kept to the morning of the anniversary is the sneaky act of exploding your employee or colleague’s desk with incredible decorations and personalised items. Don’t forget to add a few delicious office-friendly snacks too, to sweeten the explosion.

Print out or frame a bunch of workplace photos from over the years, pile up a few gifts and coat their desk with balloons and streamers. If you’re a techie, adding a looping video of any funny or embarrassing workplace incidents might also be a welcomed, personal touch.


Write a Letter

If you’re not an energetic or extroverted appreciator, then leave the thrill planning to your other employees and focus on writing a letter.

Go over all of the things you’ve noticed and appreciated about a team member and let them know just how much of an asset they are to you and your business. Both a digital or handwritten note is fantastic, though an old-school handwritten note might be the vintage touch you need to really tug at an employee’s heartstrings.

A hardcopy, handwritten letter is also going to be easier for a team member keep stored or framed.


Gift a Device to Make Work Easier

For creative agencies and workplaces that might benefit from specific devices, make these devices gifts for long-term employees!

Those in design, video editing, graphics or any other similar creative field will be grinning ear to ear if they’re gifted a device like an iPad Pro to make their daily workflow easier.

Of course, you’ll need to tailor the device to a staff member’s personal workflows, but by gifting a piece of equipment that makes life easier for an employee, you’ll also be improving their productivity at the same time, a win-win for everyone.


Offer a Remote Week

There might be a few times when you don’t need to have your employee strictly at the workplace at all times. If this time lines up with the anniversary, give them the chance to take a full week, or just a day or two, working at home.

You’d be surprised by just how much work can be undertaken and in the comfort of the home and an employee can decompress or get to work on a few things they might have been putting off.

It’s the ultimate way to show your appreciation and understanding of someone who’s been working with you for a long time.

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