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Help Teacher Jacob Build a School in Tanzania

Help Jacob Bonny Omate build a School for children in Tanzania - Please Support #HelpBuildSchool


Help Teacher Jacob Build a School in Tanzania

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Started on: June 06, 2015
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About this Campaign

Hullo everyone,

I feel it not easy in my heart to do this because am terrified that if I ask people publicly for help Ill be seen as amooch or terrible person, and there’s some information I probably should have waited for to get, but I need to get past all forms of fears and stick on my vision. I do understand the fact that am not known to many oversea friends but the truth is that my loyalty will make all nations run to join me. Friends, my vision are running me crazy, and a sleepless night so don’t be surprise to see me here with all my two hands asking for your kindly heart of help.


My name is Jacob Bonny Omate I m 27 yrs old, a Ugandan by nationality currently living Tanzania East Africa. I m a Nursery School Teacher by profession, I worked for five years in Uganda as a nursery school teacher before I got my new job in Tanzania in 2012. It has been a wonderful time for me in my work places simply because am talented in handing young children, I worked for 7 years as Sunday school teacher before I join Nursery Teachers training collage, it helped me gain much talent in early childhood education, being a church choir for many years help me learn to sing and compose songs, and keyboardist when I applied all these experience, it helped me during my course as Nursery school teacher. I can compose songs, kids play, rhymes, and drumming in most time my class had been so lively and interesting to children.

When I come in Tanzania I got disappointed in seeing only few children from wealthy families going to preschools, while the rest from poor families play on the street since their parents couldn’t afford to get school fees. Most parents in this community cannot simply take their young once to preschools due to: - absent of preschool availability, financial limitation, little knowledge about the important of preschool education. It’s very true that population of children aged 3-6 years in Tanzania is higher than the available preschools, there are government aided preschools established under all primary schools but due to its limitations they are always over crowded.

Some few private schools around in most cases accommodate only children with ability to pay school fees in time. I realized this as being the biggest enemy to community development. I remember my teacher told me “education is like food” every one need food in order to live. When a child is not ready for primary school it jeopardizes his/her development prospects, it places an additional pedagogical burden on the school teachers and it disrupts the general progress of other learners in the classroom. Had been always getting big challenge in my heart in the morning when am going to my work place, I get many children aged 3-6 playing near the road side, when I come back some do come and play near my house a moment they seen me moving around I can hear my name all over ‘Mwalimu Jacob’ Kiswahili word meaning ‘teacher Jacob’ I started feeling them so deep in my heart to the extend of living my job.

April 2014 l rented a small house and started teaching as few as 5 pupils, I thought I could not make it but the numbers were increasing day by day. By the end of December I had 40 pupils unfortunately the landlord stopped us from using his house as a school after we had already made nice decorations in our classes. The transfer made some competent parents to take a way their pupils from me.

Presently have rented another house with three rooms one room is an office and two as classrooms, always during class hours, exchange of noise between classrooms jeopardize the concentration of pupils in one class to another more especially younger one in Baby and Middle class. I am teaching pupils aged 3-4years together with aged 4-5 this is unprofessional, Poor sanitary facilities where 35 pupils share two stances of toilet including teachers has made some parents with ability to pay school fees to remove their pupils and transferred to other organized schools. I don’t have enough money to sustain this project because majority of this pupils do come from a very poor families indeed, they cannot afford to pay fees so they study free. However, some few competent parents do pay little amount which is currently helping me in meeting daily cost including my personal wellbeing.

Fortunately, you are the solution: when you raised $25,000 will help me to construct one classroom block with three classes and two offices, which will allow for a quieter and conducive learning environment. With permanent classrooms, students’ ability to focus will increase and I will more effectively fulfill my mission and purpose. I expect the construction to start in the early September and official launching of the new school be done by the end of December. During the period of construction I will be completing the process of registration of preschool under the ministry of social welfare which has still terminated due to land ownership and poor facilities. New academic year starts on January 11th 2016. I Have identified 7 hector of land within in a well situated place because of luck fund I couldn’t purchase but  I think if this fundraising bears success I will still get it.

The Impact
The most important result of my plan is increasing the opportunity for low income parents to take to sending their young once to preschool. But success will further be measured by a more stable enrollment and a growth in families attracted to our school.With my highly expelled teaching profile in English medium preschools, construction of standard classroom will make my school more popular in Kahama District hence self-sustenance, Having as much as seven hectors of land shall give me opportunity to upgrade our school to primary school level and establish other small project that will help in sustaining the school.

Having classrooms with interesting pictures and alphabets on the wall will make our school unique and attractive to the learners and community hence high enrollment this will definitely show permanent success toward my long-term straggles.

This fundraising is urgently needed because the landlord need his house in December for family use, currently we have 35pupils at school I couldn’t register more because of small compound and classes, even we    only have two stances of toilet being shared by pupils and four staffs am too worried about where I will take my school pupils. The success in this fundraising shall complete my outstanding problems by purchasing 7 hectors of land, construction of classroom block, toilet and fixing play materials.

Due to high demand of preschool am see here, have planned to have three classrooms i.e.  Baby class Age (3-4) Middle class ages (4-5) and Top class age (5-6) years, each class shall a commodities a total of 35pupils, in total our on time capacity will accommodates 105 pupils. I will see in to recruiting three professional nursery school teachers and three teaching assistance, so that each class have one teacher and one teaching assistance.

I will not only need your donation but even your physical visit to Tanzania to see what your dollar is doing, or you can also be a volunteer in school in order to reduce other cost of staffs. Since most parents am serving are very poor, the presents of volunteers will also help in identifying other income generating projects that will uplift standard of living of this community.

Other Ways You Can Help

  • I would love to hear from you if you're in our neighborhood and have building materials or skills to share. Please let me know!
  • Regardless of where you live, you can help me spread the word about this campaign. Please share widely with your family, friends, and social networks.
  • You can organize yourself as a team and make campaign so as funds are realized in time.

Thank You!
I do feel now is the time for this project. With your help, I believe challenges am facing now shall soon become a history. Thank you so so much for your consideration.

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Jacob Bonny Omate

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Dear friends, I am in need of your support to get a classroom block for my charity preschool in Tanzania. you can support me through my online fundraising on indiegogo life.


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