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Started on: September 22, 2015
Closed on: October 23, 2015 (03:00 AM GMT 1).

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About this Campaign

Well I suppose the first question you're thinking is where all this began right? 

This was us back in 2012 on our first "Lads" holiday to one of the hottest party destinations in Europe, the amazing Ayia Napa. You basically go on your first "Lads" holiday to get completely sloshed for a whole week. Neither of us can really remember much from that week, but none the less it was our first taste of real freedom and some great memories was created with our group of friends on that adventurous week!

We had been pals for years before this picture was taken, both of us always knew we were meant for greater things. But nothing emerged. We drifted away from each-other, only hearing from one another on special occasions such as: Birthdays, Weddings and Parties. 

We won't go into too much detail but little did we know how much our lives would change from 2012 to now..

If you would like to find out what happened to us and how things changed drastically from 2012, subscribe to our website and we will tell you the whole story, beginning middle and end! We want you guys to feel like you personally know us and be able to relate to our journey! Furthermore, if you would personally like to communicate with us face to face, then drop us a Skype call and we'll be glad to introduce ourselves!

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We are all about creating a better life for ourselves and for everybody! Our main aim is obviously to make money but whilst helping and inspiring the people we come in contact with. You've probably seen this posted a lot on the internet, motivational videos, inspirational quotes and the usual day-to


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