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PlanSimple Meals - Family Eating Made Healthy & Gluten-free

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PlanSimple Meals - Family Eating Made Healthy…

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Started on: September 02, 2015
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About this Campaign

PlanSimple Meals is the textbook healthy moms wished they had. It is designed to help all moms streamline their time in the grocery store and in the kitchen so they can create good food with lots of joy!

PlanSimple Meals is part cookbook, part planner, and part parenting handbook. Inside, a modern, busy mom will find recipes, formulas (‘cause what busy parent has time for recipes everyday), and strategies galore designed to help her create meals so each member of her family can stay healthy, sleep well at night, concentrate, and thrive. It is filled with gluten-free, veggie-centered, low sugar, goodness — and action steps for how to get your family to create and eat those things.

Mia created the systems and recipes in this book when stuggling to loose baby weight, feed a child with allergies, and create 3 meals a day, 7 days a week — at the time she had three children under 5-years old and was totally overwhelmed. Over a few years she figured it out and never wants a mom to stumble through healthy eating again!

Changing what we eat as a society is something we have to start doing today. PlanSimple Meals will break down how to do this for busy parents. 

Not convinced? Just look at these stats:

  • The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) reports that the average American consumes anywhere between 150 to 170 pounds of refined sugars in one year.
  • Less than 100 years ago, the average intake of sugar was only about 4 pounds per person per year.

According to Joel Fuhrman, M.D:

  • Only 7% of calories consumed by Americans are from fruits and vegetables.
  • Half of all vegetables consumed are potatoes.
  • Half of all potatoes consumed are in the form of chips and fries.
  •  42% of calories consumed by Americans come from dairy and animal products
  • 51% of calories consumed by Americans come from highly processed and refined carbohydrates and extracted oils

Here is another angle from Mark Bitmann in his book Food Matters.

  • For a family that usually drives a car 12,000 miles a year, switching to a vegetable diet for one day a week – in terms of greenhouse emissions – is the equivalent of driving 1,160 miles less a year.
  • And if you switch to a completely vegetable-based diet, that same family reduces its emission 60%, cutting their mileage down from 12,000 to just 3,900 miles a year.

Point being that changing what we eat and how we think about food is kind of important, but not necessarily easy!

Enter PlanSimple Meals - the textbook on HOW to make these changes in a busy family - keeping it fun, simple, and delish!

People who back this project will be reshaping the standard American diet - creating a ripple effect, one healthy family at a time.

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