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IBI - Internet Business Insights Book

102 Entrepreneurs share HOW they became successful working online so you can succeed, too!


IBI - Internet Business Insights Book

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If you could interview 102 Entrepreneurs to find out HOW they became successful, would you want to know? What mistakes would they help you avoid? What 30 common themes came up over and over? Find out how to get successful enough online to quit your day job in this 381 page compilation. Jump into chapter 4 to discover those 30 important tips first. Then dig into the stories that most relate to what you want to achieve. Best of all, you can get this book that took 9 months to prepare totally FREE during the special on Amazon Kindle. Don't delay if you want the digital version free (but if you miss it or you want the paperback version, it is well worth the money)!

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Chris Naish and Buck Flogging spent 9 months interviewing 100 other Entrepreneurs to capture success advice from each of them. Each of the contributors (including me, Gail Gardner from @GrowMap) answered these questions: How did you come up with the idea for your business? What was your first major breakthrough? How long did it take you to reach 100% digital freedom? What was your biggest mistake? What is the single most effective tactic you discovered? What advice would you give someone wanting to achieve similar success? How to reach them (their site, Twitter username, and Facebook URL What's in the Book? Internet Business Insights contains 381 pages chock-full of the answers to the above questions from 102 successful entrepreneurs (listed below). The sections are broken up into these chapters: 1: Teachers and Coaches 2: Service Providers and Product Developers 3: Authors, Crafters, and Other Artistic Types 4: 30 Skills and Lessons Learned 5: Quotes of Note Business Ideas Breakthroughs The Sweet, Sweet Taste of Digital Freedom Mistakes Were Made Tactics Advice from the Mountaintop Conclusion Chapter 4 is of special interest. A recurring pattern of 3o skills and lessons learned emerged from the interviews and were turned into this chapter. Consider it a short course of insights into what skills are most valuable.


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