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Flow: A Yoga Art Book; by Lucas Anderson

My first art book showcases an exploration of the human form through a series of yoga poses I have c


Flow: A Yoga Art Book; by Lucas Anderson

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Started on: November 11, 2015
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I am a lifelong artist and illustrator, and have been mulling over the idea of producing a themed book of my drawings for many years... the idea never got out of the "some day" stage until I began a series of drawings based around the human figure—specifically, yoga poses and ballet dancers in motion—over the past several months; many of which I have been posting progress photos of on my Instagram account.

During this time, I feel that I have built up a large enough body of work and gotten enough positive feed-back to justify beginning this project. This book will specifically focus on yoga; various poses of both men and women. If there is enough interest and funding is successful, I may do a second book, also limited edition, based on dancers.

I fell in love with yoga many years back after an injury left me with minor, but chronic lower back pain... through the motion and "flow" of movement and stretching that is inherent in yoga, I was able to overcome a lot of the discomfort I was experiencing. Following, after many years of drawing the human form, I decided to start incorporating these yoga movements into my drawings... when I did this, I became enamored by the motion and "flow" of the movements of my hand and pencil as they followed the movements of the poses.

This book will be a limited edition run of 100 hardcover copies, with premium paper; funding is mainly to cover cost of printing and postage.

Updates will follow the progress; including details about length (I am thinking at least 24-32 pages) and size (at least 8x10").

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