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Fighting for Survival

A poetry book based on life lessons. #FightingforSurvival


Fighting for Survival

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Table of contents:

Chapter one: challenges of life

World’s imperfections

Hunted by society




Abuse of power

The addiction epidemic

Deadly Opinions


Negative pride



Can't Disguise My Emotions


Fighting while vulnerable


The hiding place

Because of desperation

When everything else has failed


Never keep pain in silence

The need to feel

Nothing wrong with a man crying

A wish that doesn’t come true

Missing the people we love

Never be the same

Hold on a little bit longer

Time will heal the pain

Laughter for treating life

What is meaning?


A new beginning

Rough road

The root of respect

Chapter two: the path of destiny

The maze of life

The good days and the bad days

Worst-case scenario

A cause


Money doesn’t buy happiness

The small things in life

Cash isn’t good character

The merry-go-round of life

Fighting boredom

The Burden of procrastination

The competition in life

Room for improvement

Practicing our own advice

Against cheating


Learning to walk the street of life

My passion for survival

Against all odds

Will tomorrow be like today?

Only the journey is written

Chapter three: prose

The truth about independence

Easier said than done

Dreams can come true                                                            

Fight with your mind, not fist

The three misguided horses

Living in the moment

Painful memories now worth a smile

Picking your battles

Sentimental value

Trying to avoid stress

You will thank me when you’re older

Confident at age 30

Can happiness occur after depression?                                   

Can one person make a difference?


Chapter One: challenges of life

World’s Imperfections:

Society of flaws endlessly demands perfection.

The world craves thriving results as a need rather than a want.

Punishing errors without leniency.

Expecting to perfectly please humanity is a human defect.

Fighting a war against perfection is a conflict everyone will lose.

Hunted by Society:

Each person is fresh prey by a predator named life.

People battle the demands of societies’ expectations.

Individuals fight in order to achieve victory,

But perfection is a war that can never be won.

How do we survive a conflict that can never be defeated?

The struggle for survival is an offensive and defensive campaign

Be ready to respond when the call of glory comes to the arrival,

But defend yourselves from the deadly sword of an imperfect world.


Conflicts are the walls between peace,

Building the barriers of differences.

Overwhelming emotions become enrage,

Fighting with the weapons of pride.

Lethal blades battle for victory,

As ignorance drags on for too long.

Controlling the ego is key for a treaty,

Forming a pact that offers harmony.


The witness of success has mistaken information.

Watching prosperity grow with a spiteful eye.

Insecurity causing stress as self-esteem decreases.

Wondering how to find the path to glory.

Power through inner strength can guide the soul to victory.


Money speaks with a convincing voice—

Trying to corrupt the human mind.

The soul is thirsty for cash,

Leading to a life of crime.

Illegal actions are being committed,

Plotting to swindle every penny possible.

Innocent people are being murdered,

Funded by the dirty hands of blood money.

In time, Savage wealth develops inner strength

A power trip that is too strong of a force,

That another casualty will be lost due to greed.

The Abuse of Power:

Corrupted power is a lethal weapon,

Fueled by the ego of the human mind.

Dangerous individuals crave the sword,

Ready to attack to keep the throne.

Reign of terror must fall to its knees,

Powered by a revolt of society.

Once authority is restored,

The voice from the people can be heard.

The Addiction Epidemic:

Drugs of pleasure are an escape from earth.

Living in a place known as imaginary paradise.

Once addicts come back to the world and reality,

The toleration of life is torturous.

Craving drugs as if they need food to satisfy an appetite.

Betrayal is being committed to support the habit of vileness.

Desperation leads to a life of crime for artificial gratification.

Recovery only occurs when the spirit is broken,

Willing to travel the rough journey to genuine happiness.

Deadly Opinions:

Opinions can possess a deadly ax,

Striking at the center of the heart.

We break from the slash,

Feeling the harmful blade of judgment.

Beliefs are a possession that every human holds,

Even if the words are based on sentiment.

The views that should speak the loudest are our own,

Letting the voice of ourselves scream over everyone.


Judgments given by a single word inflict scars,

Trying to break the soul of the individual.

Labels attack with a fierce strike.

Foolishness drives the opinions of ignorance.

Rise above the definition by showing true identity.

Negative Pride:

Holding my head up high with self-praise.

Ready to challenge my opponent while standing tall and proud.

My code of honor decides to battle an eternal conflict.

The poison that vanity acts upon can lead to the wrong destination.

My pride must be set aside by letting the ego accept humility.


Each time I am criticized,

My pride is broken.

My heart shreds to pieces.

The thought of vengeance controls my mind.

I struggle with returning back to sanity.

When I can finally think clearly,

I realize that the best revenge is to prove my critics wrong.


I don’t want to fight

In fact, I want to do what is right.

When I’m not mentally ill,

I commit acts that derive from goodwill.

I know that fighting is a wrongful act,

But I can’t realized this when I overreact.

When my mind returns from a distinct land,

I form a plan, so that I stay sane,

Instead of inflicting pain.

Can't Disguise My Emotions:

Every time I am depressed,

Fake smiles can't hide my distress.

Each time I live in fear,

I can't cover up the inner tears.

When I feel enraged,

Mad stares won't stay encaged.

Disguising my emotions is an impossible task,

No matter how I try to wear a blissful mask.


Every time I feel empty,

My heart is numb.

Life has no meaning.

I wonder if my cause has any purpose.

I fight to bring my mind back to earth.

When I can finally feel again,

I will hold my head up high with positive pride.

Fighting while vulnerable:

A knight without his sword is powerless,

Unarmed against the brutal enemy.

He feels vulnerable with no weapon,

Fighting the battle of life while helpless.

Combating in the ultimate war,

A warrior never surrenders.

The soldier brawls with the opposing army,

Acquiring a way to retrieve weaponry,

Fueled by the determination to live.


Whenever I feel fatigue,

The warrior inside of me is dead.

I cannot take another step.

I can’t think logically.

My body and mind is thirsty,

But I am out of fuel.

When I get the rest that I need,

My engine is ready to run in overdrive.

The Hiding Place:

The quilt promises protection,

Manipulating our dreaded fears.

Entering the world of isolation,

Defending ourselves from civilization.

We must battle the deadly spear,

Entering a fight in order to cherish life.

Once the blanket has been lifted,

A life full of opportunities can be waiting.

Because of Desperation:

The agony from life can cause excruciating pain.

Tears of fragility weep as strength is totally depleted.

Lacking coping abilities results in surrendering the soul to mercy.

Attempting to climb over the barriers known as misery.

Finally reaching the destination to normal survival.

When Everything Else Has Failed:

When everything else has failed,

Hope goes completely down the drain.

You drown in your own misery

Letting the currents pull your body further into the ocean.

Right before you drown to death,

You realize the value of a precious life,

So you swim back to the beach,

And keep living another day-fighting for a solution.


As I jump through the harmful fires,

My mind possesses deadly desires.

I shatter like a piece of glass,

Hoping that the pain won’t last.

The battle will last all night,

A war I will fight for light.

When the end of the day is near,

I will no longer live in fear.

Never keep pain in silence:

The enemy is attacking within,

Trying to kill in order to win.

Pain covers us with blame,

Causing us to feel shame.

If we let the anguish sustain,

No causes will remain.

Allow the tears to scream,

So the problem won't ruin a dream.

The Need to Feel:

Emotions are unable to come alive,

So we try to revive the spirit inside.

Stabbing the soul with a knife,

Not realizing the risk to the human life.

The heart was never dead,

But we have to face what we dread.

Instead of bracing for the pain,

Seek feelings that are good for the brain.

Nothing Wrong with a Man Crying:

Society says that the tears of a man shows weakness.

That the warrior can no longer fight with honor.

The man lost his ability to use aggressiveness with his sword.

Sorrow from lost love is a justified defense.

Agony caused by the torturing whip breaks the man.

Endurance for battling built up anguish will drain stamina,

A war that all men lose to humanity by showing vulnerability.

A Wish that Doesn't Come True:

A shattered dream can kill the soul,

Destroying the spirit of the person.

The heart is vulnerable to rejection,

Lacking the urge to seize another quest.

Aspiration comes from a new cause,

A war that the warrior must battle to succeed.

Without another struggle to fight,

Self-pity will control the individual.

The sword is ready to brawl,

Waiting for the will of ambition.

Missing the People We Love:

We feel like a puzzle piece is missing,

Saddened that the picture isn’t intact.

Time and effort was spent on a cause,

Building a foundation out of love.

We can’t see the whole photo,

But that doesn’t mean it’s incomplete.

The entire image is alive in our hearts,

A portrait no person can steal from us.

Never Be the Same:

Trauma alters the course of destiny,

Setting a path to a new direction.

The trail will be full of obstacles,

Entering a Challenging quest for survival.

Bumps on this road will be brutal,

So prepare for the tough destination.

Potholes on this route will last forever,

A fact that we all must accept.

Coping mechanisms are crucial,

Building a tolerance to barriers.

Even though the journey will change,

Prosperity can travel along this voyage.

Hold on a Little Bit Longer:

Thirst and hunger stimulates cramps,

Causing feelings of fatigue.

You're almost at the finish line,

But you are ready to collapse.

Success is waiting on the other end,

Where the trophy of glory is located.

Once the run to succeed is completed,

Hold your head up high with triumph.

Time Will Heal the Pain:

The wounds of the past are deep,

Leaving scars that haunt the human mind.

Tears from dread ignite horrendous flashbacks,

Caused by the remembrance of inflicting knives.

Dreams of healing seems hopeless,

Lacking faith for a positive future.

The journey through time will heal my pain,

Traveling across the bridge to recovery.

Laugher for Treating Life:

The sense of humor is pleasured with each funny joke.

Laugher is the sparks that ignites the healing process.

Laughing to escape to a safe place called bliss.

Let the mind laugh away the disturbing problems,

Feeling the remedy for pain surge through the veins.

What is Meaning?:

We search for cause and purpose,

Expecting a prize filled with treasure.

Is value monetary or sentimental?

The pot of gold is worthless without meaning,

Adding no currency to the dollar if life isn't cherished.

Reason for living is the ultimate jewel,

A reward that satisfies the soul.

Follow the path to persistence,

Which will fulfill the goals from internal spirit.


The spirit inside me is a warrior that never quits,

And I will continue to fight this war that we call life.

The journey of a warrior is an unknown quest,

So I have to stay alert for the path ahead.

My battles against life will never end,

But my spirit can be at peace.

You can break my bones and cut my skin open,

But you can’t take away my spirit.

A New Beginning:

Traveled the unwanted trail to regret.

Living in a land where past mistakes can’t be fixed.

Unwilling to walk back on the right path to progress.

Once realizing that the clock of life is ticking,

A new quest can begin by following the route to success. 

Rough Road:

I must drive on this rough road to reach my route.

The bumps on the streets could stop me from driving faster.

Potholes could damage my tires, and prevent me to traveling further.

In order to follow my path, I have to move cautiously.

Riding on this road to get to my location will be a challenge.

When I finally arrive at my destination, I can feel gratification.

The Root of Respect:

The Craving for acceptance is an act of honor.

The approval from society demands devotion.

Praise can be earned though using an evil stick,

Or though spreading grace with a kind soul.

Is the judgment for recognition worth traveling an endless road?

Respect exists from valuing their own character that is based on principles.

Chapter Two: the path of destiny

The Maze of life:

Traveling through the path with dead ends,

With obstacles waiting at every corner.

Following a puzzled trail to an unknown route.

Seeking a mission by a difficult quest.

When we reach the conclusion of our journey,

The glory from victory will triumph in the souls.

The Good Days and the Bad Days:

Eternal bliss does not exist,

And despair is not an endless mist.

We pray for a good day,

Hoping this timeframe will pay,

Despising the difficult day,

Craving for a better way.

The circle of destiny is strange,

Always vulnerable to change.

Battle the army of despair,

But always be aware,

Life is not always fair.

Worst Case Scenario:

We prepare for the deadly fall,

Ready to be knocked out.

Our fears are consumed with losing,

Dwelling on the ultimate defeat.

Negativity controls the mind,

Causing pessimistic views.

Realism must conquer discouragement,

Expecting two possible outcomes.

If we are beaten by the enemy,

Recovery is an accomplishable task.

A Cause:

The mission of a cause is purpose.

Principles ignite the flames of determination.

Willing to jump over barriers and tunnel under barbwire.

Traveling the difficult path to reason.

 Finally found the destination called dignity.


As you prepare your body and mind for the ultimate challenge,

Wash away the difficulties of life.

Absorb the positive energy like a sponge.

Remember that the obstacles ahead are the main objective.

When you finally reach the finish line,

The pain that has been endured was worth the challenging quest.

Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness:

Inner spirit is the seed for happiness,

Not the value of the coins we possess.

Dollars cannot buy the wealth we own in our hearts.

Money can stomp out poverty and its stressors,

But we can’t purchase bliss from any store.

The root from joy revolves around a gladdened soul,

Emotions that brighten though a beautiful smile,

Feelings that must be found from within.

The Small Things in Life:

Joy is satisfied with a big reward,

But little awards are hard to fulfill an appetite.

Tiny prizes occur in large quantities,

Unlike the bonuses of huge presents.

The small things in life are priceless,

Offering precious times that words can't describe.

Cherish each special second,

No matter how much a moment is worth.

Cash Isn’t Good Character:

The coin is valued for success,

Giving money the power of Prestige.

Numerous cash buys the luxuries for indulgence.

The dollar cannot purchase good character.

The wealth of a person is found inside the soul,

A trait which is the most valuable prize on earth.

The Merry-Go-Round of Life:

The artificial horse is on the track of repetition.

As I sit on this boring ride,

I know precious moments are wasted with each spin.

The carousel is igniting sparks in my mind,

Ready to explode with the fuel of impatience.

In order to get off the wheel of boredom,

I must take a stand and stop going in circles.

Fighting Boredom:

The unoccupied time is brutal,

Sparking a craving for routine.

Lacking adventure for a cause,

Dullness stabs the human mind.

We must build the walls of structure,

Finding a busy path to recreation.

Disciplined activity cures the boredom,

Stimulating the brain with action.

The Burden of Procrastination:

A heavy weight is on our shoulders,

Draining the stamina of tranquility.

Time is not on people's side,

As the burden from pounds caves us in.

Delaying the inevitable is a stressor,

Resisting the task as if it's a germ.

Once the dumbbells are off the body,

Endurance can return to normal.

The Competition in Life:

The world is in a race for success.

Reason fuels the determinism that motivates people to win.

Running swiftly to beat the challengers in the sport.

Attempting to score the winning goal for the championship.

The victors savor the flavor of earning the trophy.

The beaten hold their heads down with disappointment.

Particular competitors consider winning as a normal routine.

A champion is not invincible to the wounds of defeat,

Who will experience the horrible taste from losing.

Room for Improvement:

The hallways are capable of widening,

Leading to the room for success.

Challenges to improvement is tough,

A quest we can all fear.

As people walk down the path to glory,

Life will try to stop our Accomplishments.

Put your phobias aside,

And stroll through the corridor.

If you choke while trying,

Then you fumbled the ball with pride and without regret.

Practicing our Own Advice:

People can possess the power of knowledge,

But we could forget to put logic into training.

Applying wisdom with the pen isn't easy,

Like a warrior always trying to stay strong.

Effort is key to practicing our own advice.

The mind is vulnerable to imperfection,

But as long as we attempt to stay sharp,

Our pencils will be equipped with erasers.

Against Cheating:

My principles are honest intentions.

I will play the game of life without foul play.

Honor will always prevail,

Even if the mountain is hard to climb.

Self-respect is an emotion I must possess,

And if I lose the championship,

I will fail with dignity,

As long as I know I played the sport without cheating.


Moving at the speed of light.

Optimizing my performance to succeed.

Tougher than any obstacles.

Inspiration drives my ambitions.

Vulnerability is not an option.

Attacking every barrier in my way.

Truthful to my journey for success.

Ignorance must not defeat me.

Opportunities are at the finish line.

Never surrendering to the deadly sword.

Learning to Cross the Street of life:

My parent’s firm grip is solid steel,

Holding my hand with protection.

Providing the direction across deadly traffic,

Shielding me from the vehicles of life.

Growth is an inevitable process,

Beginning a new phase through independence.

Maturity is an occurrence that must exist inside my soul.

The path across the street is a challenging quest,

Zigzagging my way through the hardships in life.

My Passion for Survival:

The mountain of survival is hard to climb,

Breathing with struggle as I’m burnt-out.

Moments of quitting seize my mind,

Thinking about the deadly fall.

Then with each forward step to the highest point,

My passion for existence becomes heightened.

I will survive this rocky peak for the gift of life.

Against All Odds:

Persistence is the fuel for achieving success,

Ignited by the sparks called passion.

Were attacked by ignorant statements on every battlefront.

Never becoming a casualty of failure,

The warrior inside of us always fights with the mighty sword.

Winning the triumphant expedition by defeating all odds,

Glorified with accomplishing a worthy mission,

displeasing our critics with pleasure.

Will tomorrow be like today?:

In the moment of present day bliss,

We wonder if the next day will still offer wealth,

Hoping that tomorrow can still possess gold.

The journey to good fortune is an unpredictable path,

Like rolling dice in a game of chance.

The future holds no guarantees,

Leaving tomorrow a mystified puzzle.

Forget about the mystery of the unknown.

Instead, move with the currents of the ocean

Continuing in stride with each flow.

Only the Journey is Written:

The plot is set for drama,

Promising an interesting tale.

Our thirst is strong for the mystery of life,

Like an animal craving its prey.

Only the journey is written,
With the book telling an eternal story.

Keep reading the fascinating chapters,

Which will pleasure the curious response.

Chapter Three: prose

The truth about independence:

Since childhood, I had a strong passion for earning my independence. I always had to obey my parents' rules. If I didn't follow my parents' instructions, I would be punished. Every time I complained about the way I was disciplined, my parents as well as other authority figures told me that "life is not fair." As a child, I didn't understand what that phrase meant. I was a happy kid who enjoyed this period in my life that is considered a "time of innocence." During childhood, I thought that becoming an adult would be absolutely amazing; I would only have to abide by one person's rules: my own. I could go to bed at any time of the night. I would never be punished for a rule that I thought was unfair. I could practically do whatever I wanted without suffering from any consequences. When I evolved into a legal adult, age eighteen, I realized that an individual can't earn independence without responsibility. When I entered the "real world," I was not ready to handle the responsibilities that are required to seek independence. The truth is that I wasn't disciplined anymore for not obeying by my parent's rules; however, the penalty for breaking the law was harsher than disobeying laws as a child or teenager. I realized that surviving in a complex world was going to be a rigorous challenge for me. Even though human beings are imperfect, people still expect perfection when it is impossible for people to be perfect. I didn't know how I was going to survive as an adult when I was always depending on aggression for survival. It took about ten years after becoming an adult to be able to handle the responsibilities of adulthood, and I had to learn the hard way in order to be a responsible individual. I was incarcerated in prison when I learned how to survive in this difficult world through righteousness. Being incarcerated in prison is the best circumstance that had ever happened to me in my entire life because I can now say that I am a mature adult in a proud voice without any doubt.

Easier Said Than Done:

Sometimes, people have the habit of telling another person what they should do to improve their life. Individuals say what is necessary to help that person live a successful life; however, these people have the tendency to give the impression that improving their life is as easy as “switching on a light bulb.”  In order for individuals to change their lives from a horrible situation to a wonderful circumstance, people have to challenge themselves by facing rigorous impediments. Progress is a very slow process which takes time for a person to accomplish their goals. Remember, nothing special in life is easy to achieve. Once we are ready to face the difficult obstacles ahead, individuals will eventually “declare victory,” and people can hold their hold their head up high with a sense of accomplishment.

Dreams Can Come True:  

Have you ever wanted to accomplish a goal so bad that you said, “I’m willing to sacrifice my soul?” Keep your soul. Through self-discipline and determination, you can achieve almost whatever your heart desires. Anything special in life is never an easy task to fulfill. You might have to suffer from rigorous impediments and push yourself to run the “extra mile” when you are extremely fatigued, but when you finally cross the “finish line,” the enduring obstacles will be worth the successful results. Every time agony occurs due to fighting for a dream to come true, remember that once you accomplish what you always wanted to desire, you can hold your head up high and say “I’m proud of myself.” You will be able to cherish this prize for eternity inside your heart without sacrificing your soul.    

Fight with Your Mind, not Fists:

Whenever somebody starts a conflict with you, it is very hard to walk away—especially when you have a lot of interactions with this person. When an individual starts a dispute with you, I’m sure that you want to punch that person, or scream at that individual. Before responding, you have to put your pride aside, and use logic to handle the conflict. For instance, a teenager is being called a loser by another classmate. The adolescent can respond back by calling the aggressor a very harsh word, and then the argument would continue for a long time. The second option, which is the best option, is for the adolescent to tell the classmate “I don’t care what you think. My friends and family respect me, and those are the only opinions that matter to me.” Believe it or not, this approach is much more effective than responding with force because that classmate wanted that teenager to sink down to his level; as a result, the victim turns into the aggressor by hurting the classmate through ethical approaches. Remember, most people become extremely angry when you don’t let then break you.

The Three Misguided horses:

Almost everybody has heard the phrase “you can lead a horse to the water, but you can’t make him drink.” Believe it or not, but there are three misguided horses: the second one is a “horse that is led to the water, but he thinks it’s impossible to drink; the third one is a “horse that is led to the water, but he doesn’t drink because the animal can’t drink properly.”  For my entire life, I wanted to drink the water, but I didn’t know how, so I committed many bad acts for many years because I didn’t know how to live a righteous life. It was much easier for me to survive based on aggressiveness, such as fighting. Using my fist was a “survival tool.” It was easy for me to injure somebody instead of settling my disputes with words. Unfortunately, I injured somebody badly when I was mentally ill, and spent time in prison; however, because of the structure, as well as the discipline that prison offered me, I now drink the water all the time because I know how to behave properly in society, and I will continue drinking the water for my entire life.

Living in the moment:

As human beings, people have a strong tendency to look “far into the future.” There is nothing wrong when a person prepares a plan in order to secure their own destiny; however, individuals can dwell on the future enormously, and are unable to focus on the present. There are times when people need to concentrate on how they feel in the moment rather than looking ahead to a period that cannot be predicted. Instead of dwelling on what will occur five years from now, try to enjoy the present by living in the moment. If you are currently happy, appreciate this experience in the mind while it’s still occurring. Events in the future are stories that are “yet to be told.” When appropriate, plan a strong foundation in order to become successful in the following years, and live in the moment when positive emotions take place.

Painful memories now worth a smile:

When every person is currently suffering from a tragedy, we are miserable—whether it’s mental or physical pain. Obviously, people want to live their life based on happiness, not misery. Every human being has experienced adversities that have caused agony. Many individuals are incapable of smiling about horrible memories because these experiences have caused trauma. Most of my painful memories derive from stupidity—such as becoming too intoxicated to walk. My friends and I make jokes about all the stupid acts I committed in my life. Being extremely drunk to the point of vomiting and being incapable of walking was very painful at that moment, but now I am able to smile as well as laugh over all the dumb behaviors I acted upon. When possible, people should laugh about the bad times and appreciate the present because we don’t know how many great moments all of us have left.

Picking Your Battles:

I have always thought that I was a “samurai.” Every time I felt that I was right, I would always fight until I had achieved victory, or until I was dead. I assumed that an eternal struggle was worth fighting for if I thought my principles were at risk by another person. Now, after serving time in prison, I realize that I have formed an erroneous assumption because I presently know that not every battle is worth endangering my life. It took over 20 years to learn this lesson; however, this knowledge was better to comprehend at age 26 rather than not being able to learn this wisdom at all during my entire life span. I now know how to pick my battles. I realize the importance of knowing when to fight—either verbally and physically—and when to walk away. Most importantly, I know what battles are worth risking my life for and what battles I must admit defeat.

Sentimental value:

As human beings, we have the mindset of treasuring our precious items based on monetary gain instead of sentimental value. Which scenario would you prefer: your father buying you a moderate quality bracelet with a special quote engraved in the jewelry, or possessing a very rare coin that is worth $1,000,000? Most people would probably cash in the coin, and collect the money to pay off bills or buy luxury items. If I was poor, I would cash in the coin in order to relieve myself of the stress that derives from financial burden. If I had a steady pay check, I certainly would not collect the money for cashing in the coin. I would be able to buy a sports car, a swimming pool, a boat, or any other costly luxuries. These worldly possessions can offer people joy, but only for a short time frame. Most importantly, these highly prized goods cannot buy what sentimental items can fulfill: the ability to never forget our roots, to never forget our identity that is based on our principles, and to never forget that our causes in life are not meaningless. When I was once admitted into a very unique psychiatric hospital, another patient wanted to sew a bracelet for me. I picked three colors in a particular order: black, red, and blue.  The black is the icon for the agony I endured. The red stands for the struggle with fighting adversities. Blue is the symbol that reminds me of the goals I have achieved in life. Every time I feel sad, I look at my bracelet to remind myself of all of the problems that I have overcome, and to remind myself that I can conquer any obstacle in life. This is the most valuable item I possess, even though that it has absolutely no monetary value.

Trying to Avoid Stress:

Stress is a horrible emotion that can affect physical health. Sometimes, people inflict tension on themselves because they “take the path that involves walking 1,000 steps when there is a route that only requires one step.” This world is very complex, and in order to relieve our worries, individuals must simplify difficult tasks. It is impossible to avoid stress all the time, but there are ways to reduce or expunge problems in a world that will always be imperfect. First, tackle one stressor at a time; trying to fix too many conflicts at once will lead to intense stress. The next step people have to do is resolve the issue when they are in a normal state of mind because a person has to think rationally about the dilemma. In order to reduce tension, people can perform stress reducing techniques—such as yoga, exercise, breathing exercises, meditating, and Tai’ chi—to improve mental and physical health. Remember, most stressors can be handled properly if people find a logical approach to solve difficult challenges.

You Will Thank Me When You’re Older:

Almost every child in America has heard their parents say, “You will thank me when you’re older.” When I was a child and teenager, I stared at my parents like they had “12 heads” because I told myself that I will never thank them for putting restrictions on my life. I couldn’t eat more than four eggs a week. My curfew was set at a certain time. When I came ho

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Since I was a child, I have been labeled as a failure by many people because I was a deviant and feeble-mined person. I had terrible teachers who despised by saying that I’ll work at a fast food restaurant for my entire life. People who loathed me said that I will become a bum when I evolve into an


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