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What Should I Do For A #Living? [31 Top Ideas!] - Via. @guestcrew @arrestyourdebt #GuestCrew

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Millennials & fintech are flocking to Charlotte. Here’s why MediaFeed #blogengage

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Hello! I am Alen Zlimen from Croatia! I am 27 years old. I'm a moderate positive vibes variety Twitch streamer. I am masters degree student of electrical engineering at faculty of Maritime studies in Rijeka city. I am also multi times awarded inventor with my 5 inventions I made during high school and faculty education. I been streaming for just over 3 years and been partner with Twitch for 2 years. I love kittens and cats a lot and also big lover of animals. I had also helped get popularity and growth for 20 little doves by providing them a place for the nest. I love helping other streamers grow as it makes me feel happier and more worth. I so far helped around 500 streamers reach affiliate and 39 partner status. I'm Shipbroman on Twitch and I am working currently with 12 partners and have various sponsored giveaways from them and review streams. I am also under heavy anti psyhotics which are healing me now from traumas I had in elementary school when I was bullied for 2 years every day heavily mentally and physically. I have been diagnosed with autism, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Much love everyone and be well. I am also HAM operator A class for 10 years now. Just google my name which is Alen Zlimen and you will get articles about my inventions. If you need more information let me know

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