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How to Winterize Your Florida #Lawn - Via. @ImperialPest @guestcrew

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10 Effective Discipline #Techniques For Children - Via. @harleenas @singhruhee25

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What You Need to Know About Trademarks

What is a Trade Mark?

A trademark is the legal registration of a word, symbol or brand element to prevent unauthorised use by other parties. A trademark allows consumers to identify a product or service, as well as distinguish it from competitors. This grants the owner exclusive use of the mark and seeks to prevent confusing consumers with similar products or brand, as a trademark differentiates by a mark or name. 

Overall, the trademarks you have are to protect each brand element, which ultimately forms a brand identity for consumers and other businesses. This is essential for creating a loyal customer relationship, as well as a profitable business to business relationships. Trademarks are protected under the Trade Marks Act 1995 (Cth), lasts ten years, and it takes at least seven months from when a trademark is filled to when it becomes registered. 

Types of Trademarks


- Logo Trademarks: The most popular of trademarks is a corporate logo which may have text or no text as a symbol, and be a visual cue to the company. Famous Logos include Apple’s bitten apple, Coca Cola’s red text logo, or Facebook’s blue and white F. 

- Certification Trademarks: This addresses that a good or service meets a set of standards, such as the Heart Foundation Tick. 

- Phrase Trademarks: Whilst catchphrases can spread quickly over the internet, slogans can have a trademark to prevent competitors from stealing it. Although generic words or old phrases can not be trademarked, slogans such as Nike’s Just Do It, Loreal’s You’re Worth It or McDonald’s I'm Lovin’ it are registered. 

- Packaging/Shape Trademarks: To apply for a shape trademark, the shape must not already exist in the market and it must be distinctive of your goods and services in particular. Things that can be differential include a logo imprinted onto a bottle or a perfume bottle shape. Some examples of trademarks include the elliptical shape of Pringles chips or Coca Cola’s bottle design. 

- Colour Trademarks: From Barbie Pink, Cadbury Purple and Tiffany Blue, colour can be trademarked for protection in cases where they are particularly distinctive and often crucial to brand equity. 

- Scent Trademarks: A distinctive, unusual scent can be registered however general scents like musk and eucalyptus cannot be.

- Sound Trademarks:  In registering a sound, often the business will also register a series of words around the sound. Examples of sound trademarks include the MGM lion roar and the ‘Happy Little Vegemites’ song. 

What to Consider When Applying

1. You Are ResponsibleThe responsibility lies with you to protect your trademark, as there is no legal body to seek out infringements. Thus, it is your responsibility to monitor the market for potential breaches, and you may need to get a lawyer on board, such as the professionals at LegalVision. Whilst you do not need to trademark anything, if someone else has a trademark and you use it, they are able to take legal action against you. 

2. Removal for Non-useIf a trademark is not in use, it may be removed or requested to be removed by someone else who wants to use it. If you oppose to having it removed, a notice of intention to defend is necessary. 

3. Can the Trademark Achieve RegistrationSimple or general marks can not be trademarked, causing problems for some businesses. Kit-Kat’s four snappable blocks were deemed not distinctive enough to be trademarked, however, Tomblerone’s shape and packaging is.  Harley Davidson tried to trademark the sound of their revving engine, which was denied as other manufacturers said their engines sounded the same. Generic terms and symbols cannot be trademarked, thus it is essential when choosing your brand elements to ensure that they are distinctive enough. 

When are Trademarks Infringed?

Trademarks are infringed when used without authorisation. It also happens when other companies have a logo or brand name that is almost identical or deceptively similar. With the intent to be deceptive and confusing to consumers, some companies will try to profit off the goodwill that the original registered company has. This occurs with goods or services with identical descriptions as well. 

Overall, trademarks can be made for a whole range of brand elements such as logos, sounds, and colours. When considering a trademark registration, you need to ensure it is not already taken, and understand that it needs to be in use otherwise a non-use removal can occur. It is also essential to note what things can be trademarked as if it is too general, this is not possible. 

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How to Winterize Your Florida #Lawn - Via. @ImperialPest @guestcrew

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10 Effective Discipline #Techniques For Children - Via. @harleenas @singhruhee25

Ruhee Singh Oct 20 2021- 02:20pm Statistics

How to Winterize Your Florida #Lawn - Via. @ImperialPest @guestcrew

Ruhee Singh Oct 20 2021- 08:31am Statistics

10 Effective Discipline #Techniques For Children - Via. @harleenas @singhruhee25

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